Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La Costita

17102 SE Powell Blvd

I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to have a local bar that is like the one on the show Cheers. La Costita is one of those places. Unfortunately, they know us, but they don't seem to particularly love us or give us special treatment. I do enjoy being called Maestra by one of the waiters, but other than that, we don't get the love that we deserve for the amount of time we have put in there.

That being said, La Costita is a good place for happy hour or lunch because it is close to work, has cheap food and cheap drinks, and it is never too crowded. La Costita is not a good place for happy hour or lunch because it has slow (but fairly friendly) service, they sometimes make mistakes on the bill, and they got rid of the spinach enchiladas (or as Kristin likes to call them, enchiladas espinacas).

At lunch today I ordered a combination meal and a diet coke. I have to admit, La Costita has THE BEST diet coke. However, they put a lot of ice in it and only seem to give one refill. This is a big disappointment for an addict like myself. For my combo, I got beans, rice, a tamale and a cheese enchilada. It was big and good! I couldn't even finish it, but I ate all of the tamale. Better than my meal, though was the chips and salsa. You never know what to expect with the salsa--sometimes it is super hot, sometimes it has extra pepper, but it is almost always good. I can--and will--eat a whole basket of chips and salsa by myself.

The prices at La Costita are pretty good, especially if you are ordering an alcoholic beverage during Happy Hour. Well drinks are about $3.50. Lunch items are around $6.00. Happy Hour items are $3-4.00 each.

Food: Meets.
Drink: Exceeds.
Service: Conditionally Meets. (It was pretty good today, but can be problematic.)
Ambience: Meets. (Although sometimes it is so chilly that I need a jacket.)
Value: Exceeds.

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  1. Shortly after this review we were told that since we are special they will still make us spinach enchiladas any time that we want as the former HH we actually do get love here! :)