Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oba! from another perspective

Like B, I didn't make the best choices at Oba! I ordered the Grilled Chicken Tacos, which were decent, but my drink was not the best. Instead of the beautiful and delicious prickly pear margarita I ordered on my last visit, I tried the guava margarita. Too much tequila flavor made it taste like a regular lime margarita. The Grilled Chicken Tacos had two salsas (green and red) that really made them taste better. However, I had a strong garlic flavor in my mouth long after the meal was over. Luckily, I like garlic, but if garlic is not your thing you should probably stay away from this dish.

I enjoyed the music, and the service was good. We sat inside since it was a little chilly, but their outside seating is really nice during the summer.

The prices were about average for Happy Hour. My total ended up being $12.00 for a margarita and the chicken tacos. I do have to admit that later on I was hungry again and went to Cha!Cha!Cha! for dinner number two! --E
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