Monday, June 22, 2009


Someday we will publish a book. For now, we will do our best to maintain this blog.

We are teachers. Teachers with a little extra time on our hands during the summer. Yes, we still have families, commitments, places to go and things to do...but, this is our summer. All year long we rush through microwaved meals and shortened conversations during our "duty-free" lunch. Those thirty minutes never feel quite as long as they should with all of the questions, parent phone calls and time spent supervising the flow of traffic to and from lunch. To make up for it, we plan to take full advantage of the time we have off.

Our goal is to get to a new happy hour spot each week. We'll be there early enough to get a good table (outside if the weather allows) and stay late enough to enjoy a drink or two, some tasty snacks and maybe even dessert. Pictures will be taken, comments will be made, drinks will be spilled (I am sure of it). It's bound to be a good summer.