Thursday, July 09, 2009

Three Degrees

I was really excited to check out Three Degrees. It’s downtown on the waterfront and its outside seating was great (my favorite for summertime dining). By the time I left I was somewhat disappointed though. I think the biggest thing you need to take into consideration before deciding to visit Three Degrees, is the amount of time you have. This is an establishment that you will only enjoy if you are on no time limit. The service was extremely slow and not very friendly. Slow wouldn’t have bothered me as much but then to add an unfriendly/non-smiling staff, brought the ambiance way down.

I’m a bargain hunter or some may call me cheap but the 3 dollar menu made me happy. There were several options to choose from. Low prices and many options leads to being able to have a variety of food, it’s one of the best things about HH. I started with the mixed greens like B but I wasn’t as impressed as she. You know when you buy a bag of salad and you have it sit in the fridge a bit too long and the greens get darker and a bit slimy on the edges? There were a few of those in my salad and it kind of grossed me out. I also had a cup of the tomato soup. Others thought it was a bit too acidic but I liked it. It was not a cream based soup so it was a healthier option. E and another friend started off with a cheese plate and they looked so delectable. Both ordered different cheeses and both got different breads. I liked E’s bread because it was whole grain bread and I’m trying to stay away from white. So I ordered the Brie cheese plate expecting to get what E got since that’s what she ordered too. Normally I like surprises but not when it comes to my food! I got the cheese plate and I had the Brie but that was the only thing that was the same. I had white bread instead of the wheat. I had dried cranberries with some nut confetti instead of E who had fresh strawberries, and I only had 2 crackers. Needless to say I was very disappointed with that. The only plus side was that I got to try three different small servings and I didn’t have to order a drink, I still got the HH prices. Cheap, thrifty, whatever you want to call it, it was a bargain. :)

I guess what I keep coming back to is that no matter the food/service disappointments the thing that really makes a meal is the company. I had a great time with my friends we talked non-stop and because we had so much to share the slow service wasn’t too noticeable until the very end. I would NEVER go there on a first date though, if you wanted to end it quickly what a nightmare. I would go there with someone I loved spending hours with and we had nowhere else to be except with each other. -O

Food: Conditionally Meets
Drink: NA
Service: Does Not Meet
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Exceeds (During HH)