Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gotham Tavern - CLOSED

2240 N Interstate Ave
Happy Hour: weekdays, 4-7 & 9-close

Three dollar items on a happy hour menu will always pull me in, even if it's a place I've never even heard of. (And, that says a lot for me. If you've been reading long, you know that I don't even like to order something new when I walk into a restaurant. I prefer to play it safe. It's who I am.) This happy hour menu, though, wasn't too elaborate. Yes, there were a few items. Some that I've seen before (and am starting to believe that they are the "go to" items for a successful happy hour) and others that would probably be incredibly enticing (ceviche is such a fancy-sounding appetizer, don't you think?) if I were to eat meat and seafood. I don't. So, I had a choice between a quesadilla or the hot artichoke dip.

I chose the artichoke dip. It was good, at three dollars. It was not, however, that spectacular. Served with a mound of tortilla chips, it would be an easy crowd-pleaser. I, however, attend these happy hour functions in hopes that the food I order will serve as my evening meal. Tonight, it did not.

I was quite pleased with my drink order and have since tried my best to recreate one at home. At seven dollars, it may have been a little too steeply priced--given its ingredients. I will say, though, that the pink lemonade is a perfect choice on a hot, hot summer day. And, after two days in which the temperature in Portland was well over one hundred degrees...I needed something simple to cool off with. And, growing up on Shirley Temples has led me to believe that adding just the smallest amount of Grenadine is like pouring pure happiness into the glass. Just a little, of course. It's the best sugary sweetness around. And, it doesn't take much to sweeten a beverage.

The service at Gotham Tavern wasn't exactly what I had expected. It wasn't at all bad, just not what I expected. The server was prompt, brought us plenty of extra water (did I mention how hot it's been?), and didn't seem at all phased by the additional people arriving at our table well after she had taken our order.

I probably won't return to Gotham Tavern for happy hour but am interested in a few of their regular menu items (particularly, the portabella sandwich).

Food: Nearly Meets (mostly unoriginal)
Drink: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets (privacy of the "dining pods" is a plus
Value: Meets


Gotham Tavern

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