Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rontoms, version two

Rontoms, in my opinion, is another one of those restaurants that just hasn't gotten things quite right (yet?) On a recent visit with a friend there was a lot to enjoy about the place, but I wasn't completely satisfied the way that I was when we went to Sapphire Hotel.

On the positive side, I loved the outdoor patio. There was a large, sunny area with plenty of tables to choose from. I thought it was a nice, relaxed atmosphere (although people who are sensitive to cigarette smoke might not like it--there were some smokers at various tables).

The waitress was also nice and friendly, although she seemed to be handling all of the tables on her own, which made things a little bit slow. I ordered a Diet Coke and vodka and it tasted rotten, and she was nice about replacing it with a vodka and grapefruit juice ($3 at Happy Hour). The food menu was small but the portion sizes were generous. I ordered the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich ($4 for both). Both were very delicious, and I was full after I finished! Not a bad meal for $7 total.

Things that I think could improve the Rontoms experience:

1. Having more exciting drinks on the Happy Hour menu (yes, it is a good deal to have $1 off well drinks, but a summer drink special or two couldn't hurt).

2. Having more servers to provide quicker service.

3. Having a sign outside (What the heck? "We've got a restaurant here, but we're too cool for a sign!")

4. Having more than five food choices on the Happy Hour menu. These were the Happy Hour specials: French Dip, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Kabobs, Butter Lettuce Salad. (I'm pretty sure that I am not exaggerating!)

5. Having a better bathroom. There was one single coed bathroom available, unless there was one hidden in a place we could not find. There is no way that one bathroom can cover all of the people that could potentially be at this restaurant--it's HUGE! One toilet is not sufficient!

Food: Exceeds
Drink: Does Not Meet (rotten Diet Coke, no fun Happy Hour specials)
Service: Does Not Meet
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds