Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Three Degrees

I really wanted to like Three Degrees, but I have to say that overall I was not impressed. With a cute location and three dollar appetizers, what could go wrong? The service! I have come to accept that service in Portland sometimes leaves something to be desired, but I thought that the service at this place (particularly at the end) was pretty poor.

I ended up ordering a diet coke and vodka ($7.00, which is kind of expensive for a drink that is often as little as $3-4 at happy hour). It was put in a tall glass with extra diet coke just the way I ordered, so I have no complaints about that. I also ordered a cheese plate. There was a choice of three cheeses, so I chose brie. It came with bread, crackers, grapes, and a strawberry. The bread was good, and the cheese was good, too. However, it was a little out of balance with a giant amount of bread and crackers to go with a little tiny chunk of brie.
Other people at my table seemed pretty happy with what they ordered, although some thought the tomato soup was disappointing. The grilled cheese had tomato and basil and looked delicious. The french fry order was huge and also looked good.

The problem with the service was that not only was it fairly unfriendly, it was pretty slow, even when we were basically the only people there. At the end when she finally took our bill, it probably took literally twenty minutes before she came back with it. We were at the restaurant for more than two hours, and for much of that time we were actually done with our meal. Luckily, we were amusing ourselves by looking up the kids who we are getting next year on the forecasting website. Those who already had the kids last year told us what to expect about each one. If we had been in a hurry, I would have been really annoyed about the bill situation, but luckily we are teachers off for summer with no reason to rush!

Food: Meets
Drink: Does Not Meet (kind of expensive, but I guess this is downtown not Gresham)
Service: Does Not Meet
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Conditionally Meets (cheap appetizers, but you probably need more than one to really fill you up)


Location: 1510 SW Harbor Way
Portland, OR 97201

Happy Hour 4-7 p.m.

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