Friday, August 07, 2009

Andina, a third perspective.

Andina is a great place for Happy Hour, because you get to experience the upscale atmosphere, unique food, and delicious cocktails, without having to drop $100 for a meal. My only complaint is that I wish that they had a bigger variety of Happy Hour food to choose from. They only offer three kinds of skewers (none of which are vegetarian), so I ended up ordering food off of the regular menu.

I shared two items with a friend, the Causa Solterito and the Tabule de Cereales Andinos. At $8.50 each, they weren't cheap, but they were both delicious. The Causa Solterito was a cake made of mashed potatoes with corn and avocado. The Tabule de Cereales Andinos had quinoa mixed with other flavors. Both had a unique, fresh flavor. If I had to choose a favorite it would be the Causa Solterito because I loved having so much avocado.

The highlight of our visit to Andina was the cocktails. Normally $8.75, during Happy Hour you can try any of the cocktails for $5.50. There were so many that I wanted to try, but I ended up getting the Atardecer Porteno. This was one of the best cocktails ever. It had pink guava and honey infused vodka, and the rim was lined with anise flavored sugar. It was also extremely strong, and I started to feel a little tipsy after just a few sips! Our friend, D, had her favorite drink, the Scasayhuaman, which has passion fruit puree and spicy vodka. If you aren't into spicy drinks, this drink is also good made with regular vodka.

The server was incredibly friendly, and he was prompt and professional. Overall, I would definitely recommend trying Andina out for Happy Hour.

Food: Meets
Drink: Exceeds
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Meets for Cocktails, Does Not Meet for Food


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