Thursday, August 06, 2009


Serving Peruvian food in a very charming three story tall restaurant, Andina is worth the hassle of downtown driving and parking. We sat on the main level in the bar. Its decoration was minimal and modern but on my way out I saw down through to the courtyard. It looked lovely. It was like you were sitting outside on a cobble stone street. I would like to sit down there next time.

The best part of my experience at this Happy Hour was the drink I ordered. E also ordered the same drink. It is the “ATARDECER PORTENO (pink guava nectar shaken with honey infused vodka and lime juice topped with a float of ruby port and a sprtiz of lime zest, served up with an anise sugar rim)” The drink was Delicioso and only $5.50. The best part of the drink was the anise sugar rim. I love black licorice and you could smell it faintly every time you lifted your drink. As of right now today I would say this is the best drink I have ever had!!!!!

I didn’t eat much this trip but I did have the Chicken Kabobs off the HH menu. They come in serving sizes S, M, L (3, 6, 12) I ordered the medium and shared it with a friend. It came with 4 kabobs. I thought the kabobs would have veggies on them too but it only came with two small pieces of chicken on each kabob (about the size of a dollar coin). I don’t think each kabob was worth 2 dollars. But it was good. What I liked better than the paid for chicken kabobs was the free bread and dipping sauces. The bread looked like a poppy seed bread but did not taste sweet. It was soft and chewy. I love sauces! The sauces were three different blends: one, a peanut sauce, two a mango chili sauce and lastly, a jalapeno and garlic sauce. Pay attention here! The waiter didn’t bring this to our table right away. He only brought it after a friend requested it, so maybe you have to know about it to get it. -O

Food: Exceeds
Drink: Exceeds
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Nearly Meets

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