Monday, August 24, 2009

C Bar

2880 SE Gladstone St
Happy Hour: 5 - 6:30 and 9:30 - 11, Monday through Thursday
and ALL DAY Sunday

All day Sunday happy hours are my new favorite phenomenon. What a fantastic idea!

I had been to the C Bar twice before finally making it in during happy hour. I was disappointed to see that the Mac and Cheese wasn't listed on the cheap eats menu. At only $8 (and knowing that it is chalked full of cheeses--fontina, smoked gouda and tillamook cheddar--Hop Works IPA and large rigatoni noodles) I decided to order off of the regular menu, too. Sharing this entree made it easy to order a few other items from the happy hour food list. At least that's how I felt when placing the order. I was beyond stuffed when leaving the C Bar that night.

To accompany the gooey cheesiness that is the C Bar's mac and cheese (and, I'm guessing the same sauce--dubbed beer cheese sauce--offered with fries on the happy hour menu, YUM!) we ordered a side salad, sliders and tomato confit.

The side salad is nothing compared to the salad that was on the C Bar's menu before the change made earlier this summer. For just $3.50, I won't complain too much. The salad I had ordered previously--with candied walnuts, fresh fruit, blue cheese and a vinaigrette-- is overdone on menus these days anyway. This salad had a small pile of cheddar cheese that would have been welcoming had I not ordered it with the mac and cheese. And, of course, I failed to order the dressing on the side, making my lettuce a little too well-coated with the balsamic dressing. My fault.

My absolute favorite item (and something that I need to remember to order EVERY time I go there) was the tomato confit. Sure, it looks like spaghetti sauce and some olive oil thrown together on a plate and served with warmed bread. Maybe that's all it is...but, it is such a perfect match for my liking. And for only three dollars, you are served this tomato mix and a pile of ciabatta.

The house-made veggie patty had good flavor--especially with the added tomato slice and provolone--but was a little overshadowed by the sourdough bun. The bread to patty ratio of this slider was off by just a touch but it was the actual flavor of the bread that did away with that of the patty. (I love sourdough...but, it can sometimes steal the limelight of a good flavor combination.)

Although tonight I stuck with a plain glass of Merlot (which is $1 off at happy hour), I am partially in love with The Gordon. A mix of gin, fresh lime, muddled mint and ginger combines some of my favorite summer flavors to be quite refreshing and perfectly pleasing.

On a Sunday evening, service can be a little slow. Knowing this (and after recognizing that there was only the bartender working that night), we placed our order at the bar. Once that was done, both the food and drinks were delivered quickly to the table.

And, if it weren't already so late...the C Bar is equipped with pool tables and pin ball machines (lots of them) in the adjoining room.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Nearly Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets




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