Friday, August 07, 2009

Calaroga Terrace

1400 NE 2nd Ave
Happy Hour: Fridays @ 4 (by invitation only)

Our weekly happy hours started taking place last summer. (Don't get me wrong...we enjoy happy hour during the school year as well.) During the summer months, though, it is nice to take advantage of our vacation. We can show up right as the doors open, if necessary, to get a good table. And, we can try new restaurants...restaurants that are too far across town to make it to after a long day of working with middle schoolers.

The blog is just for fun. It gives us a chance to share our experiences and opinions, an opportunity to practice our writing and photography skills...and, to keep track of where we've already been so that we don't make the same mistake twice. And like I said, it's fun. We might refer to it as homework...but, it's not like that at all. (Not that homework isn't fun...homework is ALWAYS fun.) This post, however, is special to me. It's by invitation only...but, not because I'm already being recognized in the food critic world. This post is all about happy hour at the Calaroga Terrace, a retirement community like no other.

My grandmother moved into the Calaroga less than two weeks ago. They have adorable apartments (hers overlooks the Willamette River), a welcoming staff, a dining area that serves more variety than some restaurants in Portland, and a laundry list of weekly activities for all of the residents to enjoy. On that list is Happy Hour. Every Friday, the residents of the Calaroga are invited down to the terrace for wine, beer and snacks. The lines are never long (but don't move too quickly for obvious reasons), the food seems to be endless and the wine comes in full glasses. And, no one will stop you if you get back up for seconds. Or, thirds.

Today's food selection included salmon bites, chicken wings, and spring rolls. They were served by Gary, the executive director for the Calaroga, and other friendly staff members. Residents were also provided with what seemed to be an endless supply of olives, cheese, fruit and vegetables and an assortment of crackers.

To accompany the assortment of appetizers, full glasses of wine were poured upon request. The list was not printed (nor very long) but included all of the basics. Bottled beers were also available. As there is no limit, many residents found themselves with a second glass to take into the dining area for the evening meal.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds (it's free)


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