Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Observatory

I love trying new places for Happy Hour! The Observatory is located on 80th and Stark, which means that you could go for Happy Hour and then go right down the street to the movies at the Academy Theater. You could also go for coffee at The Bipartisan, and if you were really hungry, you could have some Flying Pie pizza.

I ended up ordering a number of items from the Happy Hour menu. The first was a Lemoncello Cosmopolitan, which was their special $5 drink. It was a little bit too strong and not sweet enough for my taste, so next I switched to the $5 house wine. This was one of the best house wines that I have had, and it tasted very similar to my favorite $4 Trader Joe's Pinot Noir. It was also a generous amount, and I was feeling a little bit tipsy after drinking both of my drinks.

I also ordered the $2 cup of tomato and red pepper bisque. I thought it was perfect and almost ordered another cup. The $2 mixed greens salad was also good--it had an interesting mix of lettuce and was topped with fried onions. Later on I ordered the rosemary garlic fries. These were just okay, but it was my fault for forgetting that rosemary is my least favorite herb. I also have to warn people who want to impress their dates with fresh breath--the garlic on these fries is extremely powerful. I went home and brushed my teeth, and my boyfriend could still smell the garlic when I saw him later that evening!

When we got to The Observatory at 4 on a Friday, it was pretty empty, but it soon got really busy. Something about it also seems to cause echoing, so we could hear the people next to us very clearly. I liked the busy, fun atmosphere, and I thought our waitress was prompt, helpful and extremely nice. This is a place that I would definitely try again.

Food: Meets
Drink: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds

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