Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sansai Sushi

539 NW 21st Street
Happy Hour: certain items, all day - every day

I'm sure I've mentioned this before...but, I love, love, love running into happy hours on Sunday evenings. Really, I do. I have this new book. It's a guide to restaurants in all of Portland. It's great. They list what's open at ten on a weeknight, what's open after eleven on a weeknight. They have a whole section of restaurants (by area) that are truly vegetarian-friendly. They are, however, missing the list of Sunday night happy hours. I haven't found that list yet. (Perhaps, I need to make it myself.) So, instead, I stumble upon great prices now and then.

And, at Sansai Sushi, the prices are phenomenal. Everything on the menu shaded in gray (which is somewhere between one-third and one-half) is 50% off. Super cheap!

Meeting a friend at Sansai Sushi for dinner might be the best new thing. It's cheap. It's good. And, if there are just two of you...there will always be a seat at the sushi bar. It's almost guaranteed. (On a Sunday night, that is. I can only assume that it's the same on other nights.)

I was starving when I first walked in. No worries, though. The food came out quickly. We both started with a bowl of Miso (only one dollar during happy hour - which seems to be all the time) and a salad. I chose the Sumi Salad. (This one's not listed on the happy hour menu but is only three dollars. It's a cabbage salad, lightly dressed with vinegar and sesame oil. It's also tossed with sliced almonds and sesame seeds - adding the perfect crunch. I really do love cabbage salads...but, never seem to remember that until I'm out.

Before I was done with my salad, the sushi arrived. Presentation is, of course, at the top of the list at Sansai Sushi. You'll just have to imagine how it looked, though, as my photography skills this evening were not quite up to par. I'm blaming it on the lighting. :P As a vegetarian, my options are limited...but, my choices this evening were outstanding. I had the avocado roll and the veggie roll. I absolutely love the crunch of the veggie roll. (After two comments on the great crunch of the menu items that I selected tonight, I'm sure it's clear just how much texture impacts my food preferences.)

Now that I know of the great quality and great prices at Sansai, I know I'll be back. It's also in a great long as you can find parking.

Food: Meets
Drink: N/A
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


Sansai Sushi

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