Sunday, April 04, 2010

Dragonfish Asian Cafe - CLOSED

909 SW Park
Happy Hour: Monday - Saturday 4 - 6 PM, Sunday 3 - Close

The happy hour menu at Dragonfish is covered with 2, 3, 4 and 5 dollar food items. It's a great menu with plenty of variety and should please pretty much anyone (even those who--for whatever reason--have sworn off sushi). Plus, they offer these cheap eats EVERY DAY. Cheap drinks, too. There are four to choose from at just five dollars each...but the regularly priced cocktails are worth a look, too.

We decided to hit Dragonfish for dinner prior to a concert on Saturday night. It was fairly empty...despite the advertisements at each table for March Madness deals. (The place is covered with televisions. A sushi sports bar? Who knew!) The server was quick to stop by our table, and returned on a regular basis to see if we wanted more to eat or drink.

I ordered the Guava MaiTai from the five dollar specialty drink menu. It was heavy on the guava flavor (which makes sense, right?) but refreshing and something that I wouldn't mind ordering again in the future. I kind of think that the guava slowed me down and left me with just one drink for the evening. (I did take a few sips off of the other drink at the table, though!) It was bright green and flavored adequately with pineapple juice...a juice that I do love far more than guava. My opinion, of course.

As far as the many small plates of food that were delivered to our table, I especially enjoyed the avocado roll. Four pieces for three dollars might be steep at your neighborhood sushi boat restaurant...but, at Dragonfish the freshness and high quality make that a pretty reasonable price. I ordered two plates.

We also had the veggie salad rolls that had more vegetables in it than I'm used to. The peanut sauce was a little too runny, though, and ran down my salad roll (and could have hit my arm if I wasn't so quick to react) with every bite. The flavor was good, yes, but the mess made it difficult to eat. (If this was our first date and not our 231st--making up that number, of course--this could have been a little embarrassing.)

As a means to fill up (you know how sushi works...the hunger strikes again soon after leaving the restaurant) I also ordered a bowl of miso. It wasn't quite hot enough (something I'm sure that varies with each bowl) but I was also a little disappointed with the miso flavor itself. I'm not sure that it was bad...I think it was just a little weak. That's all.

Despite the few complaints, this place has a lot going for it. It's cheap. The food is fresh. The service is constant...what a grand concept. And, it's most likely going to please the whole crowd. Plus, it's in a great location...just a block or two up from Pioneer Square (which means it's on the Max line).

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


Dragonfish Asian Cafe

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