Saturday, May 08, 2010

Blue Olive

Blue Olive
4627 NE Fremont Street
Portland, OR 97213

Happy Hour: Monday-Thursday 5-9 p.m.

I had high hopes for this Happy Hour, but I was let down. I considered not doing a review, but received a little pressure from my co-blogger.

I went into Blue Olive with a craving for really good hummus and pita. My craving was, unfortunately, not fulfilled. We went on a Monday night and sat in a cute bar area. Aside from one man at the bar, we were the only ones in this section of the restaurant. I am not sure if we had to sit there to get happy hour, but we didn't want to take any chances.

I started with a sour cherry margarita, which was delicious. It was the highlight of the entire meal, and I would definitely order it again. My boyfriend wanted calamari from the HH menu. Even though I am not a huge fan anyway, I know that this was not good calamari. It was a small order with bunches of broken up pieces. The sauce was okay, but the calamari was just not good or worth the price.

I ended up ordering the vegetarian combo (13.00) off of the regular menu with pita bread from the HH menu. Again, I was disappointed. The pita bread was not like any pita bread that I have had before--it was thick and almost like regular bread. I am a bread fan and didn't care for it. The hummus was just okay. The best thing was the salad that came with the combo. My boyfriend thought his meal was decent--he ordered the mousaka (15.00).

We also had the experience of frustrating service. Sometimes it seems when a restaurant is empty the service is even more slow and less attentive than it would be if more people are there. It's almost like they forget they have customers. They were nice overall, but it wasn't great service.

I would not come here again, unfortunately, which is too bad because I loved my drink.

Food: Does Not Meet
Drinks: Meets
Service: Nearly Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Does Not Meet

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