Monday, June 21, 2010

Fifth Quadrant - a Lompoq Location

3901 N Williams
Happy Hour: Daily, 4 - 6 PM and 10 PM - 12 Midnight, ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday (Food specials not included)

We were looking specifically for one of those all-day Sunday happy hour places. There ARE quite a few. Using my usual happy hour "go-to" online resources, I thought I had found the perfect one. It was within walking distance (but the constant rain we've seen lately led us to drive--just in case is started pouring), they were serving happy hour all WEEKEND long, and they had quite a few veggie options on the menu (so said their website). We were, however, deceived. To clarify: Fifth Quadrant (and, I'm guessing the other four Lompoq locations) DOES NOT offer food specials during their weekend happy hour. You can still get their signature beer for $3.25, a discount on cocktails and on Sundays they have bloody Marys for only three bucks. But, the usual two dollar discount on appetizers DOES NOT apply.

That two dollar discount doesn't amount to much anyway, I suppose. It's two bucks off of any appetizer (excluding nachos and fries) but when you open the menu to make your selection from the appetizer list, there aren't too many items left to choose from. A six dollar hummus plate (that's after the discount) was the ONLY option for me as a vegetarian. Yes, there was a tasty sounding portobella mushroom sandwich on the other side of the menu's fold, but still.

I did order the hummus. It came with plenty of grilled pita bread (the ratio of pita to hummus is always a big concern for me), crumbled feta, diced tomatoes and red onions (which I avoided due to the bad breath factor--red onions are the worst for that), cucumbers, carrots and kalamata olives. It was good and all...but, I'm pretty sure I've had that exact same plate at other pubs around Portland. It's a standby, it seems...but, I guess I should be thankful that they have something I can eat. They even included the fact that it was a vegetarian garbanzo (or maybe they called them chickpeas, I can't quite recall) bean dip. Really? Is that what hummus is? I guess my grandma might not have known...but most people around here get it.

There was a lot of flavor in the hummus. A good amount of garlic (something I like) and the perfect hit of salt and, well, that flavor you get from feta (a flavor I completely despised as a child). The Bloody Mary, however, had about triple that flavor. For someone who's just working their way into the world of Bloody Marys (I only just tried one for the first time two weeks ago), it was a bit much. For three dollars, though, I didn't feel too bad leaving half of it behind. I'll try again another time. But, I know it will be many-a-Marys before they become one of my standbys.

The service wasn't too spectacular either. I'm guessing it's usually a pretty busy place (given the large patio off to the side--even more so when the sun's out and they can roll back the plastic) and they don't need to be too devoted to giving you all that you need. Busy places tend to just get by, you know. They bring you drinks, bring you food, and bring your bill. No special treatment.

Fifth quadrant does have its pluses, though. They have trivia nights, the bald guy brigade...and, when it's too busy you can swing around the corner (just past Pix) to one of the other Lompoq locations. The Fifth Quadrant thing does kinda irk me just a bit, though. As a math teacher, I'm pretty persistent on the quad in quadrilateral and the quad in quadrant carrying some sort of meaning. I guess I'll have to talk to one of the owners to get the story behind the name. Without hearing any stories, though, they have made a few other mistakes in the menu. I laughed just a little when I saw that they offer a "Your Killing Me Smalls" on their cocktail menu. Really? You are? Hmmmm...makes me wonder.

Food: Meets (unoriginal...but tasty)
Drinks: Nearly Meets (I'm sure it's great for beer drinkers)
Service: Nearly Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Nearly Meets (meets on drinks, not on food)


Fifth Quadrant


  1. This is pretty random, but I'll have you know that I had the WORST hummus of my life at the Baghdad McMenamin's the other night. It couldn't ruin Tony B. for me, but I was seriously dipping my warm, soft pita in ketchup rather than the watery, flavorless glue they called hummus. Just a heads up!

  2. Came across your blog via Urban Drinks (I think?) - nice job documenting all your happy hours!

    I can shed some light on the name of this bar. As you know, Portland is divided into 4 main quadrants - NE/SE/SW/NW - with the river as the east/west divider & Burnside as the north/south divider. North Portland - not being part of that grid - is the Fifth Quadrant (and the location of this bar). Ta-da! See the name makes some sense.