Friday, July 09, 2010

Miss Delta

3950 N. Mississippi
Happy Hour: 5 - 7 PM and 9:30 - close (plus, all day Monday)

If you are looking for a substantial amount of food at a very low price, Miss Delta is the place. Most happy hour places around Portland offer smaller versions of their house plates during those blessed afternoon hours we all love so much. At Miss Delta the plates are so big you might actually have to leave a bit behind. I ordered the sampler, which came with three very southern staples...and, it was all for just six bucks.

We walked in the place on the third consecutive day of 95+ degree weather. It's pretty rare for the temperature to hit that high, and like we are unprepared for snow on our streets, we are unprepared for highs to hit that high. This place was without air conditioning (or perhaps it was broken) and on a night like this, it felt just like the south inside their Mississippi Avenue location. And, having been in New Orleans for the past week, I feel like a bit of an expert on heat and humidity.

Some might confuse Miss Delta with the original Delta Cafe on Woodstock. Word has it that they are related, in a way...but, I say that the food (and the atmosphere) at Miss Delta is far more superior. It's a great little spot, with a few tables out front and a lively bar inside. There are tables throughout and it's definitely appropriate for families and all...but, sitting at the bar itself lends to quite the entertainment as you can watch the bartenders muddle the mint and shake the many house made cocktails available on their menu.

I started out with a Mojito. It was most refreshing on this hot, hot night and was perfectly muddled to do away with that planty feel that many mojitos have. Sure, you'll still have to check your teeth before leaving...but, it's infinitely better than the toothpaste-esque minty pre-made alcohol that is served in some places.

For dinner (and, I do mean dinner--there's no way I'd be hungry after this meal) I ordered the Southern Sampler. There are plenty of choices (some both vegan or vegetarian, or--as the server asked, "do you want pork in your beans"--not so vegetarian) leaving everyone as pleased as can be. I went with a green salad with the apple vinaigrette, the red beans and rice, and a side of macaroni and cheese. I'd had the mac and cheese before (you can get a hefty take out container full of the stuff for just five bucks). All three items were great. A bit filling...but, great. I especially love the peppery flavor of the macaroni. It is most definitely the kind of mac and cheese from the south...and not from your kitchen cupboard. So good. And, it's served with cornbread and honey.

My boyfriend ordered the chicken po-boy which was also of a substantial size. It was served with a side of coleslaw. I had a bite or two of the coleslaw and enjoyed its crunch. He had a few bites of my food and seemed pleased with everything he tasted.

Although it felt to be about a million degrees in there, the servers were all working at a fast pace. They were busy taking orders, wiping down the counter and mixing drinks. It's a busy place...but, I'm sure that that's only a sign that it's a favorite of many. I know I'll be back again and again (even if it's only to pick up some take out in the late evening).

Food: Exceeds
Drinks: Exceeds
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


Miss Delta


  1. This looks really good! Is their HH on the weekends too?

  2. The website's not specific...but, I'm hoping so.