Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pope House Bourbon Lounge

2075 NW Glisan Street
Happy Hour: Monday - Saturday 4 - 7 PM and ALL DAY Sunday

Another ALL DAY happy hour opportunity awaits Portlanders and those who visit this wonderful little city at Pope House Bourbon Lounge every Sunday. I love this concept. Cheap eats and discounted drinks are available from the time they open until the cook goes home. On this sunny afternoon, Pope House was pretty quiet. It's just off of NW 21st which seemed quiet as well. Perhaps it was the heat, as the temperature hit somewhere near ninety today and it hadn't quite cooled off by the time we arrived. Although there are quite a few tables on the patio out front (many of them shaded by the large fig tree at the front of the house), we decided to take advantage of the air conditioning inside.

Signature drinks run at $5 during those three hours every afternoon and all day Sunday. There are also discounts on beer and wine. Although a glass of red wine might have gone better with my dinner selection, I was tempted by the Pimm's Cup listed on the happy hour drink menu. There were a couple of other drinks that caught my eye (including the Kentucky Bramble, which I've tried in the past and liked quite well) but on a hot day, a Pimm's cup can be quite refreshing. This one had a little something extra to it making it less like soda and more like a real cocktail. On a Sunday afternoon, it was almost too much. Almost. I learned while on a cocktail tour in New Orleans that it's best to save that cucumber garnish until last. Allowing it to soak up the Pimm's flavor as you sip your drink gives it the perfect taste and still holds a great crunch for a perfect finish.

For dinner, I had to make a last minute decision. It was so hard to choose between the veggie panini and the four-cheese macaroni. Both were a great price. Both sound ultra cheesy. Both were going to be just enough to tide me over until morning. I went with the macaroni and a side salad off of the regular menu for good measure. The macaroni and cheese was quoted as being "snack size" on the menu and it was exactly that. I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be enough. Luckily, we also ordered a plate of sweet potato fries for the table.

The fries were hand-cut, it seemed, and much larger than the typical fry. They were softer than most fries, too. They came with two dipping options, ketchup and something we couldn't quite identify. To be honest, they were a bit too greasy. I was, however, fairly hungry and helped to finish the plate just the same.

This wasn't my first time to Pope House Bourbon Lounge. It was, however, my first time for dinner and my first time during happy hour. There's a big difference between the busy Friday night and the quiet (and nearly empty) Sunday afternoon. On Fridays, there are servers moving in and out the front door keeping glasses full and customers--both in the restaurant and out on the patio--happy. On Sundays (or, at least, this Sunday), you might actually have to go up to the bar to get any attention. We did. I'm hoping that tonight's bartender was just a little too occupied by the group sitting at the bar. They were the only other group there and had obviously started into a conversation before we arrived. It would have been nice, I think, had he kept a better eye on us during our visit. It also would have been nice had he (or perhaps it was the cook who is to blame) not overlooked my order and left me to wait as everyone else at the table started eating.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Nearly Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


Pope House Bourbon Lounge

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