Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rock Bottom Brewery

206 Southwest Morrison Street
Happy Hour 2-6 p.m.

I have been to Rock Bottom Brewery lots of times, but I have never had the chance to go for happy hour before. My mom and I decided to meet on Thursday to try it out since she works right nearby, and it is a stop on the MAX line, making it easy to get there for me.

Rock Bottom has discounts on drinks at happy hour ($3 well drinks, $4 beers, and $5 wine) and very reasonably priced food items as well. I really like it when places have tiered food menus, and Rock Bottom has items ranging from $1.95-$3.95. We each ordered one item from the $1.95 section (house made guacamole and a house salad) and one from the $3.95 section (grilled chicken sliders and nachos). There is a one drink requirement, so we both ordered the wheat beer.

I really only ordered the house salad in an attempt to eat some veggies. I have been on a really unhealthy food path lately, so it felt like the right thing to do. It was enjoyable and did the job, but it wasn't anything special. I have had some pretty good house salads at happy hours this summer (Hopworks Urban Brewery comes to mind), and this one didn't compare. It was a great price, though!

The house made guacamole was pretty good, although the chips were a little bit too salty.

I didn't try the sliders, but my mom said they were good. She didn't like the fries as well as the sandwiches, however.

My favorite meal of the night was definitely the nachos. I paid an extra dollar to add chicken to them (you could also add guacamole or beef instead), and it really made a difference. With black beans, tomatoes, jalapenos and cheese, these were pretty good.

Even though I had plenty to eat with the two food items I ordered, my mom and I still wanted dessert. The dessert menu had the perfect choices for us--two mini desserts for only $2.50 each. My mom got the mini strawberry cheesecake and I got the mini pint glass sundae. We were both too into our own desserts to try each others, but they were the perfect ending to the evening.

I thought that the service was good here, too. The only complaint I have was that it took awhile to get the bill at the end, but by that time the bar area was extremely busy. We each had multiple drinks and food orders, and overall I thought our server did a good job!

Overall, Rock Bottom has a fun, laid back atmosphere. I really had a great time hanging out here with my mom. It's a good place to go for Happy Hour, especially if you are downtown and want to avoid spending a ton of money. I will definitely be back.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets

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