Sunday, October 31, 2010

4th Street Brewing Company - CLOSED

77 NE 4th Street
Gresham, OR 97030
Happy Hour: 2 PM - close (drink purchase required)

Oh, Gresham. You're finally growing up. You've got some great go-to restaurants, a natural foods market (Go Lillian!), and your very own brewery. I remember when it wasn't on fourth street though. The name change was a must, of course. But since the move from Main Street, I'd say that both the atmosphere and the service improved by pretty substantial amounts.

We stopped in at 4th street for happy hour on Friday after a very long week of teaching. I was starving after skipping most of my lunch to prepare for the big eighth grade dance. I was thirsty, too. But it was more about the food this time. And, luckily, food comes out FAST at 4th street. Seriously fast.

I ordered a side salad (just $1.95) and was pleased to see that it was topped with all of my favorites. It was a good size and definitely worth the price.

To share with the others at the table, I also ordered a plate of the fried cheese curds. I've had them once before at another location...and have now decided that these little balls of gooey cheese are pretty fantastic. Being cheese curds, I'm sure, turns a lot of people off of the idea. But, really, they are just like little cheese sticks. Only better. The ratio of fried goodness to cheesy goodness is almost perfect. So good that I didn't even miss the squeak.

I had a few bites of the nachos, too. The plate is a huge one and well worth the $4.95 price tag. They are covered with black beans, cheese, olives, jalapenos, and more.

To drink, I ordered a gin and tonic (with extra lime, of course). At 4th street, gin and tonics are served in pint glasses. Maybe I've just been lucky. Either way, it was exceptionally refreshing.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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