Saturday, November 06, 2010

Gilt Club - CLOSED

306 NW Broadway
Happy Hour: weekdays 5:00 - 6:30 PM

We've been to the Gilt Club multiple times in the past. Always for dinner. It's a very convenient location, sitting just below the Everett Station Lofts at NW Broadway and Everett. (My sister lived in those lofts when she was first married. I was still in high school. And instead of Gilt, it was BYOB...Build Your Own Burger.) Gilt is far more than a burger joint. It has a lot to offer. They are open until 2 AM--like so many places--but offer the same high-quality menu from open to close. And for the first hour and a half, you can taste some of their fabulous dishes for a very small price. The menu starts at one dollar. Plus, the regular menu has fifteen items listed at just five dollars each. At one point, I remember thinking that Gilt was a little too pricey for the food. I've changed my mind.

Our dinner plans had been postponed due to a delayed flight, and we decided that Gilt would make the best choice for a Friday night happy hour stop. They had just opened their doors, making it easy to get a table. The bar area filled up quickly but there were still plenty of available seats in the main dining area when we left an hour later.

The happy hour menu has plenty to offer as far as food items go but just three discounted drinks (house-selected wine, a Moscow mule, or an appletini). My boyfriend opted for the Moscow Mule ($5 during happy hour). It was served in the cutest mug. It looked like something straight out of my grandmother's kitchen. The metal, however, led to very cold hands. The mule was fresh in flavor but a little too gingery for my boyfriend. Before switching over to a vodka gimlet (now a go-to for the both of us) he even commented on the mule tasting a bit too much like a gingerbread house. I gave it a taste and noticed the Christmas-y qualities right away. That sort of flavor might be perfect for some. But not for him.

I was quite thankful for our server's honesty when I started to order the discounted glass of red wine. She made another suggestion from the menu and brought out two glasses to try. I quickly said no thank you to the five dollar wine. The glass of Malbec was the perfect way to start the weekend. And with such a large pour (plus the taster pictured above), I was happy with just one glass.

We didn't want to fill up before dinner but weren't really sure how long we'd be we ordered a few small plates to share. We started with the angry deviled eggs ($2). I love that they are angry. I'm a fan of sweet relish in my eggs...but so many are not. (Including my boyfriend.) These are definitely the opposite of sweet (hence the name) as they are prepared with calabrian chilies. The heat was perfect with just a hint of smoke. The creme fraiche and chives only added to the flavor. So yummy!

After quickly devouring the plate of eggs, we decided to order the ceci bean puree. I didn't expect it to amount to much as it was listed on the menu for just one dollar. The bean puree was served in a small ramekin with just a few slices of bread. Everything about the plate seemed dainty. Except, of course, for the flavor. It had some serious punch. My boyfriend decided that it was even better than hummus.

We also ordered a small plate of German potato salad for just three dollars. I had to check first to make sure it wasn't made with meat. It wasn't warm like so many of the German-style potato salads that I've tried before, but it definitely wasn't something that you'd find at the grocery store next to all the other picnic favorites. The mustard flavor stood out to me the most. And the potatoes had the best texture. I'm not sure what variety they started with...but I do know that they were cooked to just the right point. It was a small portion, but perfect for us as we still had dinner to get to.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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