Monday, November 08, 2010

Green Dragon

928 SE 9th Ave
Happy Hour 4-6 and 9-close Sunday-Wednesday, 4-5 and 10-close Thursday-Saturday

Green Dragon is a place in inner-Southeast that would probably be great for a beer lover. They have lots and lots of interesting beers on tap from various local breweries. We came here on a Friday night for Happy Hour, and we ended up staying for quite a long time.

The atmosphere is pleasant. It feels sort of like a warehouse and it almost feels as if you are sitting outside. Our service was great--our waitress was very upbeat and friendly, and she seemed concerned about making sure everyone got exactly the kind of beer that they wanted. She even offered tasters to make sure that that happened.

I ended up trying a few different kinds of beer. My favorite ended up being one that the waitress let me try. It tasted exactly like chamomile tea, so it sort of had a flowery taste to it. It was really interesting, and I enjoyed it enough to get two.

We ended up ordering food off of their happy hour menu. The food was really nothing special. I had a house salad ($4), which was good, but honestly I have had house salads elsewhere that were better and cheaper. I also ordered french fries ($3). Don't be fooled by the fancy container though. These fries were not good. I don't think I ever leave french fries behind--like pizza, even when they are bad, they are usually pretty good. Not these fries. They had some weird seasoning on them that made them taste really strange. I barely ate any of them, and no one else at the table wanted them either.

My boyfriend ordered the fish and chips ($5) and the beer cheese soup ($3). The fish and chips seemed like a good deal, and he ate them so quickly that I didn't even get to try them.

Overall, I found this restaurant to be a great place to get a few beers. Next time, though, I think I will skip the fries.

Food: Does Not Meet
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets

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  1. The beer prices suck just like any Rogue establishment.

  2. No number of taps can make up for crappy customer service, which is exactly what I got there (apparently a common occurrence).