Saturday, November 13, 2010


3508 N Williams
Happy Hour: 3 - 7 PM, Monday through Friday

According to my boyfriend and his two best friends, this is THE neighborhood bar. If you're in their neighborhood, that is. They moved into a house just off of Mississippi last spring and have since been looking for the right neighborhood bar. There are so many places on Mississippi that the search seemed to be taking FOREVER. They narrowed it down to a few top choices, but after several visits to each the decision has finally been made. And Maui's is it.

Maui's is located just past the convenience store at the corner or Fremont and Williams. It's also directly across from the Boise-Elliot farmers market which is open two days a week during the warmer months. The bar is just a few blocks south of the main business strip that is becoming so popular (maybe even more so than Mississippi).

We didn't ask about food as we had plans for later in the evening but we did take full advantage of the great prices on drinks during happy hour. My gin and tonic was just $2.50 and the beer was only $3.

They have pool, comfortable seating, a covered patio and plenty of televisions if you're interested in watching sports. All those things combined plus the cheap, cheap drinks are most definitely cause for this place being THE place.

Food: n/a
Drinks: meets
Service: exceeds
Ambiance: meets
Value: exceeds