Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Monkey Bar - CLOSED

2710 N Killingsworth Ave
Happy Hour: 4 - 6:30, Tuesday through Sunday
and late night Happy Hour 9:30 - close, Tuesday through Thursday

This place has been on my happy hour to do list for some time. So long, they've actually changed the name. The menu's mostly the same, though. And for me (and my mac and cheese cravings) that's really all that matters.

I'd been to the bar/restaurant a few times in the past. We actually went as a large group to celebrate my sister's birthday a few years back. You see, she's got a December birthday...and the old name was Sagittarius. Perfect, right? She also lives a few blocks down the street so it was especially perfect. I'm not sure if the owners changed, too...but a lot of what I remember seems the same. And what I remember the most was the rosemary mac and cheese. Mmmm. Some people don't like rosemary. And some people are really missing out.

We got to the Monkey Bar when it was still fairly empty. Okay, it was completely empty. By the time we left, though, there were quite a few tables taken and the bar was over half full. I guess I like to get an early start because that seems to happen quite a lot.

We started with drinks. I ordered a gin and tonic. Boring, I know. But I love them. My boyfriend ordered the Ginger Baby. What a cute name, right? But it's made with whiskey...and I'm still working my way up to the stuff. He also ordered a shot of whiskey. They are just a dollar during happy hour and come served in a boot. It's a tiny boot...which is why the price is somewhat reasonable. He said it was not the best quality whiskey...but that he had completely anticipated that.

For dinner, I had a side salad and the mini mac. There are three kinds of mac and cheese on the menu and the rosemary has always been my top choice. It wasn't quite as strong a flavor as I remember but still had great creaminess.

My boyfriend ordered the Teriyaki Pops and meatloaf sliders. Meat, meat, meat. I guess it's better that he order it at restaurants...because when I make dinner it's never on the menu. He seemed to like both pretty well. I, of course, thought that the sliders were the cutest things. So adorable. Small foods are the best.

Also at the table was a plate of calamari. I didn't have any (of course), but according to the guys it was pretty tasty but with a little too mush breading. The ratio just wasn't on target. And the dipping sauce was, apparently, a bit spicy.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets (a little slow...perhaps the basketball game was distracting)
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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