Monday, January 17, 2011

Riverview Restaurant

29311 SE Stark St.
Troutdale, Oregon
Happy Hour: 4:30 - 6:30 PM and 9:00 - close

This place is gorgeous! I was expecting to find a restaurant but it is so much more.

The Riverview restaurant is located at the east end of Stark Street. I honestly didn't know that there could be something so serene and so remarkably beautiful hiding out past the strip malls and car lots that line Stark Street closer in. The restaurant is owned by the Yoshida family and situated just before the bridge that connects Stark to the Historic Columbia River Highway. It's a beautiful establishment that serves more than fine food. The restaurant and surrounding acreage is available for weddings and other receptions. Their grounds are beautiful and well-kept even during the winter months. I can only hope to go back again and see how gorgeous it becomes when the flowers start to bloom and things dry out a bit.

We walked through the restaurant and into the bar for happy hour. It was a little early for dinner but the three of us were to attend a play in Corbett later that evening. The restaurant was perfectly located for our evening plans and the discounted prices made a fancy dinner out that much more affordable.

The bar is beautifully decorated and quite comfortable. There's a fireplace, a big screen television and gorgeous paintings with water effects. Seating is available at the bar itself or at the long stretch of tables that line the wall. We went straight for the tables closest to the patio door so that we could enjoy the views. It was a little too cold and a little too rainy for us to enjoy the patio, but the views through the window were definitely something that we didn't want to pass up.

The server was quick to greet us and maintained his high level of service throughout the evening. He didn't seem to mind that we were taking our time as we ordered one thing at a time.

We started with drinks and two plates of the bruschetta. The bruschetta made its way to us quickly and didn't last long. The two dollar price tag prompted us to order two plates and the quantity was perfect. The bread was toasted but not too hard (like it can often be) to bite into without making a mess. The tomatoes seemed better than any I've had recently (it being out of tomato season and all) and the balsamic reduction added a great finish to the dish.

Although a glass of red wine might have been a better accompaniment to the dishes I ended up ordering, I went with my new favorite, the vodka gimlet. This one was served on the rocks. I think that I prefer it served up and will be more specific next time...but it was still refreshing and a great choice. The mix of vodka, fresh lime and added sweetness was right on and made up for the overly limey one I had last week.

For dinner, I ordered the fried ravioli and a side salad. The salad came off the regular dinner menu but was just four dollars and seemed worth the price. The ravioli were unlike any I've had before. Traditionally (or at least as far as I know), fried ravioli are a bit greasy and obviously covered with breadcrumbs or panko breading that sticks to my fingers and makes a mess out of my dinner. These were nothing like that. They were stuffed with butternut squash and topped with blue cheese crumbles and more of that balsamic reduction. The combination was fantastic and something that I'd like to try at home.

Also at the table was an order of the sliders (served with a side of fries) and the wontons. Both seemed to be enjoyed immensely as the three of us all agreed that this was an excellent meal.

Food: meets
Drinks: meets
Service: meets
Ambiance: exceeds
Value: meets


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