Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lincoln Restaurant

3808 N Williams Avenue #127
Happy Hour: 5:30 - 7:00, Tuesday through Friday

Portland is full of perfect little neighborhoods. The neighborhoods come complete with restaurants, bars, retail shops, and sometimes even second run movie theaters. If you've lived here long enough (which really isn't any more than a dozen years or so) you might remember what these neighborhoods looked like before the shops moved in. For some neighborhoods, the construction is still in progress. It seems to be that way on North Williams. I'm excited to see what will move in next. Lincoln Restaurant opened its doors in 2008 and just might be one of the anchors of the neighborhood. After all that time, this was my first visit.

We stopped in for happy hour on a busy Friday night and quickly found a table for two (that we changed to a table for three with ease--and without much fuss--after first placing our drink order). We were seated at the window, allowing us to watch the traffic from what they refer to as the commuter corridor happy hour. The Lincoln website promises street parking (which isn't that hard to find) but might be that much more accessible by bike. North Williams is, by far, one of the most well-traveled bike thoroughfares in Portland.

I started with a glass of red wine (so typical, I know) while my boyfriend had a whiskey-ginger (something becoming more typical for him). Both were delivered quickly and both seemed to be generous in size.

We ordered two starters from the happy hour menu. To try something new, we went with the baked eggs. They were on the top of the list and mentioned in more than one place on the website, making them seem awfully promising. They take a little time but are served straight from the oven in a piping hot dish. Topped with breadcrumbs (panko-like, in texture) and mixed with fancy olives and cream, the eggs were quite delectable.

While waiting for the eggs to arrive, a plate of three fritters were delivered to the table. The fritters change daily, according to the menu. Today's variety included two made of semolina flour and one made of rice. It was that same arancini that I tried for the first time at Mint/820. I enjoyed all three, but appreciated the texture of the arancini more than that of the semolina fritters. They went well with the accompanying dipping sauce but weren't that special on their own.

Although there were some tasty options listed on the dessert menu at Lincoln, one of my favorite things about this location is that the building is just across the street from Pix Patisserie. Perhaps next time we'll stop in for dinner and stay for dessert.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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  1. I went here for happy hour before a Hip Cooks class and really enjoyed it. The food was good. The atmosphere was classy. Great place.

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