Friday, March 25, 2011

Sidecar 11

3955 N. Mississippi
Portland, OR
Happy Hour 4-6 p.m.

Sidecar 11 is a cool new place on Mississippi. They have only been open a little while, but it seems like a really promising place!

My friends and I were a few of the first people to arrive, and we got lots of attention. This place seems very serious about their cocktails and focuses on classic, old-fashioned drinks with clever names. They are $1 off at Happy Hour, so I ended up getting a Jets to Brazil. This was a very strong rum and lime drink. It could have been a little sweeter for me, but it was definitely strong. I imagine that someone who is really into whiskey and strong-not-sweet cocktails would be very happy here. My palette is a little less refined, and I found myself wishing there were some vodka options on the menu (Lemon drops made with vanilla vodka? Please?)

The best part about the Happy Hour here, though, is the food. All appetizers are half-off during Happy Hour, making them a ridiculously good deal. I ordered the cheese plate for everyone to share. It's normal price is $8.50, so all of this delicious cheese, bread, garlic, apple, pear was only $4.25! It was a really good cheese plate that four people could easily share, and it had a good ratio of cheese to bread (I hate it when you get too little of one or the other). My favorite parts were the pear and the chevre. This was definitely one of the best--and biggest--Happy Hour cheese plates I have experienced, and I have experienced a lot!

Our table also got the chicken nachos ($5 at HH, $3 without chicken). You could easily make a meal out of the nachos if you ordered them by yourself or even with one other person. They were huge, salty, and good. I liked them a lot. I would like them even more if they had guacamole, but that would probably make them have to increase the price.

I thought the service was also very good. It was obvious that they care a lot about their cocktails and food presentation, and they wanted to make sure that we were happy with what we ordered.

My total bill was $11.25 for a cheese plate and a fancy cocktail. I was very impressed with that deal!

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


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