Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tasty and Sons

3808 North Williams
Happy Hour: 2:30 - 5:00

Tasty and Sons is one of the most popular breakfast places in Portland. Driving by on a Sunday morning, you are likely to see people lined up (possibly halfway down the block) before they even open. I've made it in once with very little wait and consider myself to be very lucky. I hadn't been back until now, but thought for sure that it wouldn't be nearly as packed. Boy, was I wrong. Even on a Tuesday at two-thirty in the afternoon, this place is BUSY. At 2:30, Tasty and Sons switches over from breakfast to their happy hour menu. There are many breakfast-like items still left on the menu, but it's obvious that they are switching gears before the dinner hour officially hits.

My sister and I arrived just as happy hour was starting. Due to the crowd, we were seated at the large table in front. If you are lucky to get in with a big group, this table might be all yours. We, however, were seated with at least four separate parties (I guess it's a community table when necessary), two of them with small children. Not ideal, in the least.

Since it's most known for breakfast, we opted to go with a traditional breakfast drink. At Tasty and Sons, it's appropriately called the Tasty Mary. It was tasty, and well garnished...but it seemed that one of those flavorful additions was added at a higher concentration than the rest. The ratio was just a bit off, in my opinion. I'm not the biggest connoisseur...but my sister said the same thing and she's more likely to go with the tomato-based drink than I am.

Sitting with so many other people gave us a chance to peruse the menu in the most ideal fashion. The food was all around us. It was perfect. I only wish that I could have reached across the table to try the fries. It was awfully tempting...but maybe not the most appropriate thing to do with perfect strangers.

No worries about us being too hungry while waiting for the food. It would have been especially hard being surrounded by all those people and all that food...but as we were seated and served teeny glasses of water, we were also given a bowl of peanuts. They were treated with some sort of spicy-but-sweet flavor dusting.

We decided on just two items to try. First up (and apparently much faster to make) was the fried cauliflower. Growing up, cauliflower was only served one way. (It happens to be my least favorite way.) I didn't know that I could even like the stuff 'til I was living with a family in Germany while on exchange in high school. And I don't even just like it, I kinda love it. And I now know that I love it fried. I will try to avoid it (since I attempt to avoid lots of fried things) but will probably give in now and then (like I do with all those other fried things). It's good!

To accompany the fried veggies, we also had fried hush puppies. (I know, what was I just saying about fried stuff? But it's spring break and it's okay to splurge on calories now and then.) They were okay...but nothing special. I guess that hush puppies aren't really anything special traditionally...but I had higher expectations coming from a place that has lines around the block prior to opening.

I'm hoping to someday make it back for dinner (assuming that I don't have to wait too long) but for now will be happy knowing that I've made it in the door twice without having to wait for more than two or three minutes BOTH times. I do suggest that everyone make it in for breakfast at least once. And I suggest that you order the french toast, even if just to share with everyone at the table. It's pretty remarkable!

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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