Monday, April 25, 2011

Nel Centro (Hotel Modera)

1408 SW 6th Ave
Happy Hour: 4 - 6 PM

There have only been a few nice days in Portland so far this Spring. And I spent one of them at Nel Centro. They have a fantastic (yet very urban) patio with plenty of seating, fire pits, and food options that can easily become dinner.

My boyfriend and I had spent the early afternoon hiking in the Columbia Gorge and were ready for an early dinner. At Nel Centro, happy hour runs from four to six, daily. We were there shortly after opening and were able to watch the tables fill up. On a nice day, this is a GREAT place to be.

We started with a round of gimlets. We learned later that they aren't included on the happy hour drink menu (when served up) but can be made on the rocks for just five dollars each. This, of course, means that we started with a round served up and finished with a round on the rocks.

We were HUNGRY on arrival and quickly ordered the warm hazelnut crusted goat cheese. It came with roasted red peppers, olive tepanade and a few pieces of crostini. I'm not sure why they don't list all of these on the menu. I'm sure more people would opt to order it knowing that the five dollar price tag is well worth it for the amount of food you get. There wasn't enough crostini to last, though...but the pizza crust worked well as a substitute.

The salad was next to arrive. It was a simple mix of fresh greens and had a light vinaigrette as well as a few house-made croutons.

And then came the pizza. This is what made our happy hour turn to an early dinner. The pizzas were HUGE. If we had known, I'm sure we could have shared. I ordered the cheese and my boyfriend had the sausage. They were both fairly plain, but the crust and the combination of cheese made this a yummy dinner.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Meets

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