Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Look at E.A.T. (Eat. Art. Theater.) - CLOSED

850 NE 81st Avenue
Happy Hour 4 - 6 PM daily and 10 - 12 Friday and Saturday

This is my new favorite place. Or at least I want it to be my new favorite place. It's only a couple of blocks from my apartment, they have outdoor seating (and it's about time that we get to enjoy some sun), and they offer sizable well drinks for only three dollars during happy hour.

My boyfriend and I found it using the Urbanspoon app when we were in search of a new place for breakfast a few weeks ago. I was beyond surprised when it claimed that there was a breakfast place within a quarter of a mile. I had NO idea. It turns out that this place is on the main floor of Milepost 5. I've known about Milepost 5 for years as I drive by it so frequently, but I had no idea that they were planning to open a restaurant.

Milepost 5 calls itself a community for creatives and that's exactly what it is. They offer studios and lofts for rent or sale so that artists have an affordable space to both live and work. I learned on my last visit that they also have shops open from Wednesday through Sunday and that the whole place opens up to display new works of art on the first Friday of every month.

E.A.T. still has a fairly small menu but it's growing. They serve brunch daily, switch up the menu for lunch and dinner, offer discounts during happy hour, and have all sorts of house-made baked treats to tempt you. (I couldn't pass up a brownie after happy hour last Friday. Mmmmm.)

We were lucky to get there on a sunny Friday afternoon. (The clouds came in just as happy hour was ending.) There are just a few tables set up outside but plenty of space to sit inside. It's actually pretty huge in there...especially if you take into account the chapel pews. (They were planning to show a double feature in the "chapel" that very night...for just two dollars.)

After an all-day training, I was ready for a gin and tonic. Well drinks are just three dollars during happy hour and are served in Mason jars...making them larger than most.

We ordered a plate of garlic fries to share, but later I decided on some mac and cheese and a salad off of the happy hour menu. The garlic fries had a good amount of garlic on top but weren't too special. The house-made ranch, however, made up for it.

The salad was a mix of greens dressed with a vinaigrette. It had a few tomato wedges and some bulky house-made croutons. I usually don't do croutons but these were super yummy. This salad wasn't much, though, in comparison to the other one ordered at our table. (For three dollars, it made sense.) The salad special of the day was a bed of fresh baby spinach topped with sliced strawberries and pears and a light sprinkling of grated cheese.

Macaroni and cheese is one of the MOST typical happy hour food options (especially when you have to eliminate all of the meaty choices) but I still love it. It's one of those foods that I can't get too much of. Maybe if I were eating Kraft macaroni and cheese...but I haven't opened a box of the "cheesiest" since I was in college. The mac and cheese at E.A.T. is baked with a generous topping of breadcrumbs. It was a little too hot at first, but as soon as I let it cool off (it was testing my patience!) I was able to taste all of the yummy cheeses included in the sauce. So good!

Service at E.A.T. was pretty exceptional during both of our visits. It is one of those places that requires you to order at the bar...but only initially. After that, we had servers stopping by to check on us on a consistent basis.

Now that I've done breakfast and happy hour, I need to go back for dinner. And another happy hour. And maybe another one after that.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


EAT: Eat Art Theater

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