Monday, June 27, 2011

Alameda Brewhouse

4765 NE Fremont St
Happy Hour: 3 - 6 p.m., Monday through Friday

We continued on our Happy Hour Crawl to our next stop, Alameda Brewhouse. I love the atmosphere of this place--it is definitely a step above the typical Portland brewpub. It is light and airy with interesting booths.

The cocktail list had lots of interesting choices, and most of them were around $7.00. They didn't have a discount on cocktails, but they did offer discounts on beer ($3 for all of their homemade pints!) I think they may have had a discount on wine and well drinks, but I can't remember (bad HH blogger!) I chose the Klickitat Ale, and it was pretty good.

The food was the real star here, though! All of their appetizers were $5, so we each got one to share. We got onion rings, hummus, and southwestern nachos without meat. These were GIANT portions. You could seriously get one item and be full if you ate the whole thing. My favorite item was the southwestern nachos. They had all the usual fixings, but they had a sort of smoky BBQ flavor as well. The onion rings were a bit too greasy for my taste, and the hummus was a little bit bland. I was really impressed over all with the food, though, because it was such a great value!

The service was good, too, so I have absolutely no complaints. I would definitely come here again!

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds

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