Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bent Brick

1639 NW Marshall
Happy Hour: 5 - 6:30, Tuesday - Saturday

Never before had I been to a restaurant on the day that it opened. I was so excited, I felt like a real foodie. (I'm only a little bit of a foodie. In order to be a real foodie I would need more of a financial backing.) By now, the real reviewers have been through and made their opinions known. As a second restaurant from a chef who has already received so much recognition, the word about The Bent Brick is out. And the word is spreading fast. (This place has already received some national coverage.) It's only been two weeks.

Happy hour doesn't last long at The Bent Brick and the discounts don't apply to the regular dining area. (That means get there early, people.) There are a dozen or so chairs at the bar or you can lounge on the cushions at the very front of the restaurant. (It looks more like a waiting area with the cushions winding all the way around...but they have intended for it to serve as something more.)

There are three cocktails listed at a discounted price during happy hour. And they are classics, which should make a lot of people HAPPY. (Especially me, since one of them is my go-to.) For six dollars, you can choose from a Moscow Mule, an Old Fashioned, or a Gin and Tonic. (And this is not your average well drink, these are the classiest versions.) If the cocktails don't appeal, you can also save a dollar on beer or wine.

The food options are pretty limited. (I was expecting to see more and honestly do hope that they will add to the list in the near future.) With three of us, it made the most sense to order one of each item. I was most intrigued by the PK hot dog. Apparently it was a favorite at Park Kitchen but was discontinued when they stopped serving lunch. The happy hour portion is TINY...but comes with a fair amount of "baked bean" hazelnuts that add a bit of crunch to the plate (and protein, for those who need it). I was really hoping for a bite but quickly learned that they are cooked with just the weensiest amount of bacon.

At the table, we also shared the pickle plate (which, like so many other Portland establishments, is a plate of pickled vegetables...not just pickles), the bread and butter, and the smallest plate of peas (which was so tasty and my absolute favorite). All three had great flavor but were not near enough to fill me up. (Not all happy hours have the capacity to turn into dinner. Some are just snacks.)

Service was pretty fantastic. (I am not sure what I was expecting...but I can say that it didn't--at all--seem like it was their first day open.) My only concern is that this place is pretty tiny. It's going to fill up fast! (And no one likes a long wait.)

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Nearly Meets (It's a spendy place.)


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