Monday, June 27, 2011

Black Rabbit Restaurant @ McMenamins Edgefield

2126 SW Halsey
Troutdale, Oregon
Happy Hour: 3 - 6 PM and 10 - close (subject to change on concert nights)

I know, I know. Two trips to the Edgefield in a matter of days. I did say it was one of the best places to spend your summer days.

This time we (a different we) started with a flight of wine in the tasting room. (I'm secretly addicted to the complimentary oyster crackers. Or maybe it's not really a secret at all.) This time I tried the red flight. I ended up with two bottles to take home in the end. It's good wine at a fairly good price. (I promise, though, that I won't be back next week. I'll be out of it's completely guaranteed.)

After tasting all that wine, we walked into the Black Rabbit Restaurant with about six minutes to go before happy hour ended. Thankfully, our server was quick to seat us and made the suggestion that we make fast decisions about what to eat so that we would be sure to benefit from the discount.

We quickly ordered two easy-to-share items and three chopped salads (mine without the chicken).

The chopped salad might have needed the chicken to be filling but had plenty of flavor without. It was a mix of cabbage and jicama, some romaine, big tomato halves (they were bigger than cherry tomatoes....must have been those strawberry tomatoes I keep spotting at the grocery store), and kidney beans. The dressing had a little kick of lime and was the perfect amount for my taste.

I loved the homemade crackers that were served with the cheese plate the most. They were BIG and something that you'd definitely have to break into pieces ahead of time to avoid making a mess. They paired quite well with the cheese (as did the fruit and honey).

And then there was the bean dip. It's a black bean dip disguised by a layer of creme fraiche. So good! And it was served with an ample supply of warm tortilla chips.

I was quite impressed with this happy hour. Partly because it's rare that a server will be so accommodating to a party walking in at the last minute. And partly because I love that it's one of the only McMenamins happy hours I've been to that doesn't have the same ol' happy hour menu. It's a nice change (especially since I was just at that other restaurant across the grounds a couple of days ago). And partly (I know, I know...and I had almost forgotten this last part) because they have three dollar mini desserts on the regular menu. I had a teeny tiny creme brulee that was the BEST ending to my night.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Exceeds


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