Friday, June 03, 2011

The Original Dinerant

300 SW 6th
Happy Hour daily 4:30-6 p.m.

I'm going to try really, really hard to be objective about this review. You see, I answered a trivia question on Twitter and ended up winning a pie! I had wanted to check this place out for a while, and the pie prize gave me the perfect excuse to visit for Happy Hour. I really loved it here! I am hoping that I am not being biased, because hello, winning a pie puts you in a great mood!

To try to keep the objectivity in check, I decided to wait until after we had our Happy Hour to reveal that I was indeed the BIG WINNER. I was afraid that if they knew I was the winner they might give me special treatment during Happy Hour ("She's that awesome girl who won the pie, make sure you are extra nice to her!" or "She's a winner, don't forget to keep on top of her water refills!") Even though I kept my identity top secret, the service was great. Our server was a goofball (in a good way), and he was helpful and funny.

We started with two beers--a Pilsner and a local, dark beer ($3 at HH). I was going to go with the punch, but luckily the server mentioned something about it having ginger and vodka. Ginger is definitely not my favorite, so I switched to beer. Later on, I had one of the most delicious drinks ever. They make their own sodas, so I tried the Five Flowers flavor ($3). It sounds a little strange, but it was really, really good. You can also add alcohol to these sodas for an extra $4, which I would like to try on my next visit.

My boyfriend has wanted to try Poutine for awhile ($5). He claims that he had it once in Canada, and in England "chip shops" put gravy on fries all the time. He also ordered the chicken sliders ($4). I was going for the most unhealthy options on the menu, so I got the chili cheese fries ($4) and the hamburger ($5). This was just too much food! I only was able to eat half of my fries and burger. My boyfriend ate all of his, but he was stuffed (and he has a BIG appetite). He really liked the Poutine, except he thought there was too much cheese. He preferred the gravy. I liked the chili cheese fries, but I liked the cheese the best and thought there was too much chili (you can't win with us!) The hamburger was good. It had an interesting sauce on it. Normally I don't like mystery sauce (particularly if it has chunky bits), but this one was actually pretty tasty. My boyfriend said the sliders were good, and he encouraged me to try them for blog purposes, but I passed since I was too full.

Finally, it was time to reveal my true identity: PIE WINNER! This was both the best part and the worst part of the evening. It was the worst because I had to tell them my "Twitter name" and I felt like a huge dork. It was the best because the server thought at first that I won a piece of pie, so when the manager (owner?) came over to confirm my winning status, she said that we got a preview piece for now AND the pie to take home. It was also the best because I found out that the pie was strawberry creme. ( I worried that I might get a pie that I hated such as lemon meringue, banana cream, key lime, or pecan.) Although we thought we were full, we were able to eat the delicious preview pie. It was AMAZING. I also loved it that they seemed just as excited as I was about my win.

Even if I didn't win a pie (are you tired of hearing about my pie yet?) The Original was quite a good value for the money. We got three beers, one soda, and HUGE portions (except the sliders--those are supposed to be mini, obviously) for $30 before tip.

Food: Meets (PIE exceeds)
Drinks: Meets (soda Exceeds)
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


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