Tuesday, July 19, 2011


250 NW 13th Avenue
Happy Hour: 4 - 6:30 daily

Bluehour's happy hour is appropriately titled Happy Bluehour and includes all sorts of great discounts. One that I didn't take advantage of (but plan to someday soon) is the twenty dollar bottle of wine. The menu lists three to choose from and my guess is that (since the three listed online differ from what I saw on the menu) they rotate through their stock frequently. Regardless of what's listed (especially if it's a hot summer day and you are sitting outside), I suggest going for something chilled. Not because it's more refreshing or anything like that. But because if you do, the server will bring out this fantastic contraption that attaches to the table to keep your bottle at just the right temperature. (I know, I know. It's the little things. I'm just so used to the boring ol' ice bucket that sits ON TOP of the table. This one saves space. So smart!)

Before learning of the twenty dollar deal on wine (and of the fancy contraption), I had already set my eyes on the Moscow Mule. My boyfriend has been ordering them a lot lately and I've liked what I've tried...plus, I love lime. And ginger's okay, too. As long as it's not too strong. The Moscow Mule is one of the six dollar cocktails listed on the menu. They also have discounts on beer but you know that's not my thing.

The six dollar price tag isn't the best I've seen...but is nothing in comparison to the nine dollar "birthday drink" that was ordered later on. (Not for me, my birthday's still a month away. I ordered a second Moscow Mule...that's how good they are.) For nine dollars, this slender wine glass came less than half full of vodka, strawberry puree, and a balsamic reduction swirl (that looks like a pair of lips from this angle). Nine dollars. Wow. They must have been handpicked strawberries, or something. It was good, though. I had a sip. Super sweet and something that even I (with a major sweet tooth) couldn't have more than one.

To share (and to snack on while we continued to peruse the menu--it's a long one), we ordered the crispy chickpeas. I've had them at a couple of other places and I really like them. Chickpeas are big all of a sudden...and not just for the fantastic hummus they make. I've also found roasted chickpeas (a peanut substitute?) that come in all sorts of flavors--both spicy and sweet--at certain grocery stores. I'll continue to support the chickpea movement. I might even try making crispy chickpeas at home. These ones were lightly coated in a smoked paprika oil. Yum! And crispy, for sure.

After asking for suggestions (our server pointed out the steak frites--one of the most expensive and only full-sized meal listed on the happy hour menu --before I mentioned that I didn't eat meat), I ordered the grilled vegetable slider. It had two or three veggies that had been nicely roasted and a spoonful of pesto. The flavor was great and the bread had the best chewiness to it...but the pesto was a bit oily.

Another slider making an appearance at the table was made of one giant meatball and not quite enough tomato sauce. After taking a picture, the meatball was smashed into place (making it just a wee bit easier to eat). Seriously, whose mouth is big enough? Since I wasn't about to take a bite, I had to ask the meater what she thought. Her answer: good, but in need of more sauce.

Service was great to start at Bluehour (it was also nearly empty) but kind of trickled down in its greatness as the hour went on (and the tables filled up). I'm fairly certain that there was just the one guy taking care of everyone--inside and out. So to the people of Bluehour I say, hire some more staff. I'd be more likely to come back if you do.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Nearly Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets (unless you order the nine dollar strawberry cocktail)