Friday, August 26, 2011

Bartini Take Two

2114 NW Glisan
Happy Hour 4 p.m.-6:30 p.m daily
Also available all evening Sunday and Monday
and from 9:30 to close Tuesday-Thursday

Earlier this summer, my co-blogger went to Bartini without me. I was trying to find a fun place to go for Happy Hour before the Timbers game on Wednesday, and I remembered that she liked this place, so I figured my boyfriend and I should give it a try. We had been to the connected restaurant, Urban Fondue, and we enjoyed it despite really slow service (it was better than the Melting Pot, in our opinion, but I think going out to fondue is kind of overrated--so little food for such a high price!)

We arrived at about 4:30, and the place was fairly empty (but by the time we left just after six it was completely packed, with some people who were waiting eying our table like vultures.) The service was really great. Our server was friendly, checked back frequently, and delivered everything quickly. This made me want to keep ordering martinis.

Bartini reminds me of the martini place we all love/hate, Vault, because it has a huge book full of exciting cocktails that all sound delicious. Bartini is better, though, because at Happy Hour all of the martinis are half price except for one page of "premium" martinis. At Vault they have certain ones on special, but you don't get as many choices for the discount. The vibe was also better--it didn't have that feeling that Vault has sometimes where everyone is trying to look cool and sexy. In any case, I was encouraged to order many martinis, so I was able to try four different ones (all $3-4 due to the discount!) The first one I ordered was made with mango and cucumber. It was really, really good. The next one had pear puree and grapefruit, and it was just okay. The third one was a watermelon cooler--this was the most tasty and I would get it again. It tasted just like a Jolly Rancher. Some people might think it too sweet, but I thought it was perfect. The final martini was the Oatmeal Cookie, and it was the perfect dessert. The drinks weren't super strong, obviously, since I was able to drink all four without any funny or embarrassing stories to show for it.

The food was also quite good. I ordered the goat cheese polenta cake and the shrimp tacos. I liked the shrimp tacos the best. My boyfriend really liked his BBQ chicken flatbread and mini shrimp and crab cakes. I tried both of them, and I think he made the better choices this time!

If I lived in Northwest, I would definitely become a regular at Bartini. My experience overall was excellent!

Food: Meets
Drinks: Exceeds
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


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