Saturday, August 06, 2011

East India Co. Grill and Bar

821 SW 11th Ave
Happy Hour: Monday through Saturday, 5 - 7 PM

I love, love, love Indian food. (And I love that I never have to worry about there not being meat-free food I can eat.) We stopped at the East India Co. Grill and Bar after being disappointed by an all-meat this was the BEST place to be.

We sat at one of the two-person tall tables but quickly moved to the comfy chairs at the front of the bar when our party of two doubled in size (Friday happy hours are the best for getting a group of people together--even a small group). My boyfriend and I stuck with six dollar glasses of wine (he had the house white, I had the house red) while the other two ladies explored the cocktail menu. And together, the four of us worked our way through almost everything on the food menu.

We started with a plate of Baingan Bhartha (a not too spicy eggplant spread). It was served with grilled Roti wedges and quickly became one of my favorites.

Also at the table to start was a plate of chicken wings (technically, Lhassani Murgh). They were obviously a hit since a second plate was ordered before we called it a night.

The Pakore was a mix of vegetables (rather than the "house" vegetable I always seem to find at my favorite Indian buffets). There were onion rings, asparagus, mushrooms, baby corn, and cauliflower. I loved the presentation of the mushrooms, served three to a skewer. So cute.

The Aloo-Kaju cutlet was the spiciest of all the things we ordered. It's listed on the menu simply as a potato croquette with cashews and spices...but they don't specify that these are spicy spices. Still good, just spicy!

Last to the table (besides the second plate of wings) was the Chana Chaat. It's a cold chickpea salad with red onion and peppers. It was one of those perfect summer salads (that I think I'll make at home later this week).

We had two servers bringing plates and drinks to our table and both were beyond polite. They didn't seem to mind that we kept ordering little by little as we worked our way through the menu and they were quick to answer all of our questions.

It's easy to say that I know I'll be back to this place because I do love Indian food so much. Next time, though, I think I'll work my way through the dinner menu instead. The dining area is hiding past the bar, but it's a big one and seemed to fill up as we were there...making me think that this place is going to be a favorite of many before too long.

East India Co. Grill & Bar

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