Friday, August 05, 2011

Pine Tavern - Bend, Oregon

967 NW Brooks
Bend, Oregon
Happy Hour: 4 - close, in the bar only

I've only been to Bend twice, and both times I've been to Pine Tavern for dinner. The first trip, my boyfriend and I had a fancy dinner there for my birthday. We stayed long enough to finish a bottle of wine and probably could have called it a five-course meal. This second time, I enjoyed a nice dinner on the patio with my two best friends. They don't have very many entree selections for vegetarians, so I had the same meal both times...but it was good (and with an entire year in between, it's not such a big deal to repeat the meal).

This time, however, we started with happy hour in the bar. I couldn't find this happy hour listed anywhere at the restaurant itself and I even had to ask the bartender about what I had seen listed in the hotel's food guide. My guess is that this three dollar special (served from four until close) is a big secret.

There was a wait for dinner (if we wanted to sit on the patio) and so having appetizers in the bar made all sorts of sense. We took a seat and ordered drinks to start.

I had a super refreshing drink made with muddled cucumber. It was perfect after having spent a good part of the day in the sun while hiking around Smith Rock. It was the favorite of the three drinks ordered at the bar but when it came time for dinner, I selected a glass of red wine which was a better match for my meal.

There are plenty of three dollar apps listed on the bar menu at Pine Tavern...but you might have to request the menu since it seems to be hiding somewhere behind the bar (I told you that this happy hour was a big secret). We each ordered one and the portions were the perfect size.

I had Caprese Crostini and loved every bite. Each piece of toasted baguette was topped with fresh mozzarella, a slice of tomato, and fresh basil. (I actually saw the herb garden on the I know it was fresh-from-the-garden fresh.) There was a balsamic reduction drizzled over the whole plate adding the best flavor to each bite.

Also at the table were steak bites served in little potato boats (that were apparently better than the meat itself) and a small plate of fried artichoke hearts.

The bartender kept busy with all of the work he had to do for the restaurant but was quick to meet our needs.

Although this happy hour is one that is a little too far away to frequent, I do believe that I will be back someday. I have to go back someday for those wonderfully scrumptiously tasty treats they call scones. I'm fairly certain that they are the cleaned up version of county fair fry bread and when served with honey butter at the start of the meal, it makes me want to start every meal with dessert. SO VERY GOOD!

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


Pine Tavern Restaurant

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