Friday, August 26, 2011

Tree's Restaurant and Catering

1211 SW 5th Avenue
Happy Hour: 4 - close

Never had I heard of or seen this restaurant before now. It's hidden away on the ground floor of the PacWest Building. I'm sure that all of those people occupying all of those floors know all about Tree's Restaurant and Catering. But I did not.

It's a cute little restaurant and bar with "outdoor" seating in the foyer of the building. You can still catch a little sunshine out there AND avoid the noise of the traffic and the potential drizzle of rain. The three of us, however, sat inside. And I'm glad we did--service was a little slow and being closer to the bar made a difference (especially that time I walked up to place an order).

The three of us had dinner plans, and so this was really just a stop for drinks. For the purpose of blogging (and because I was a little hungrier than the others after spending my afternoon at the gym) we did order one food item.

The menu has quite the assortment of food selections. Most things are priced between three and five dollars but they do have two big ticket items. (Big, as in eight whole dollars.) They are the housemade chips and salsa and the halibut fish and chips. They've also got three different types of sliders (no veggie version, though) and the price gets better as you buy more.

We decided on the Pesto Flatbread with Spinach and Feta. It was SO yummy (and not just because I was hungry). After taking my first bite, it made sense to know that this place started as a catering company and then became a restaurant. They know how to do food.

They also seem to know how to make great tasting cocktails. (Although I highly suggest that you stick to what's on the menu. My boyfriend ordered a Gimlet and we were both pretty convinced that it had club soda in it. Who puts club soda in a gimlet?) I had the Avocado Margarita even though it wasn't a part of the happy hour discounts because I had never ever seen avocado listed on a drink menu before. (Avocado milkshakes, yes. Avocado anything else, no.) It was yummy. Green, but yummy. And it definitely mellowed out that typical tequila flavor that some people are so greatly opposed to. (I am not one of those people...but I know that they are out there.)

Service wasn't exactly up-to-snuff but I'm going to assume that the bartender was just a little too distracted. I need to give this place one more go before I make anymore comments about how hard it was to get his attention.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Nearly Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


Tree's Restaurant and Catering


  1. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I am one of the owners and appreciate your input. Good and bad, we need to know both to make this a better place. Come back again and let us know if we have improved.

  2. I'm craving because of your blog. Will definitely try them out one of these days.

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  3. We have moved..... We are now located in Sherwood, OR. 503-822-5583. Check us out at
    Thank you,
    Chef Shannon