Saturday, October 01, 2011


1012 SW Morrison
Happy Hour: All Day

All day happy hour is not completely uncommon. There are quite a few places around Portland that offer this sort of deal on Sunday or Monday (or whatever they have found to be their official "slow" day) as a means to boost numbers. It's a fine idea, in my opinion...but all day, every single day is something that I've yet to come across. (Or if I have, I've completely forgotten.) At Habibi -- either their Chinatown location or the one that's just off the MAX line on Morrison and Tenth -- you can enjoy happy hour whenever they are open. What that really means, of course, is that you can get smaller portions of your favorites. It's more like an ala carte menu then anything.

The smaller portions are perfect for a single serving. If sharing, you might want to order your food in waves like we did. It was just the two of us at first, so we didn't want to fill up before the table did. We started with two falafel balls (you can order them one ball at time), an order of tabouli, and a small plate of hummus to share. My fiance also had a plate of the chicken shawarma. He was impressed...but I missed the opportunity to take a picture.

All of this was served with warm pita, of course. It wasn't giant sized--like I've had at some traditional Lebanese places--but seemed much more manageable. And it's not like we were limited to one.

They don't really have any drink specials (besides a discounted bottle of Sessions) but do offer quite a few fancy cocktails for around seven dollars each. We started with Habibi Hard Lemonade (I had the strawberry version) but decided to move onto something else after one glass. Both were sweet, like Kool-Aid, and not something that I would have thought to go well with the flavors of our small plates.

During the second wave, I ordered a spinach pie and a small plate of Tzatziki. Both were delicious. And now that there were more of us, we could take advantage of the wine suggestion. (When setting the table, they include more than just silverware. A bottle of red wine waits in the center of each table.) On our table was a bottle of Pinot, but we opted for the Chianti.

Service was perfect up until the very end. They were setting up for a large (and I mean LARGE) party and took some time bringing our bill. We made it though, and I'm sure we'll be back.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Nearly Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets



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