Sunday, October 02, 2011

Portland City Grill

111 SW 5th
Happy Hour: 4 - 7 & 9 - close Monday - Saturday, All night Sunday

I finally made it to happy hour at Portland City Grill. It's supposed to be one of the best. (I guess I should admit that I'd been here at least twice before...but long before the start of this happy hour food blog.)

It's the place to be according to a lot of people. They've got one of the best views of Portland (comparing restaurant views only...everyone knows the best views of Portland are found on hikes, not while dining). Getting a window seat might take some serious planning...but if you do, it should be well worth the wait (the hovering and the possible elbow jabs). I made it (close enough) to a window once during a thunder and lightening storm. It was mesmerizing.

Service at Portland City Grill is fairly stellar. They get BUSY and move fast, fast, fast to keep up with all of the customers...but they are well-dressed, friendly, can answer any question, and take pretty good care of the customer.

We were at our last stop for the evening, but this place was just getting started. On Sundays, they have happy hour all night long. And everyone knows it. They have a pretty sizable list of discounted food options...and there are more vegetarian options now than the last time I was here. It's kind of a weird mix of food, though. I guess that's what you get with an Asian-, Island-, and Northwest-inspired Steakhouse.

I tried the asparagus salad. It was A LOT like something I had recently at another restaurant and I'm beginning to think that this is a new item that's going to start popping up all over the place (kind of like that time I tried fried chickpeas...and now they are everywhere). Along with the roasted asparagus, it had a little chevre cheese, some pistachios, and just enough arugula. The citrus dressing was light but very flavorful. I'm sure it was the ginger that amplified the taste so well.

Without having a bite, I can't say much about the second dish to arrive at the table. It was a very well-presented spring roll with vermicelli and a cilantro lime sprout salad. The peanut sauce that came with it was the star on the plate, with all sorts of extra crunchiness that added to every bite. (The last bite got a little if you order this on a first date or even if you are just wearing a white shirt, be very careful about how you go about eating it.)

They've got a pretty fantastic wine selection on the thirtieth floor, but I selected the cosmopolitan on this outing. It was one of the happy hour drink specials (just $5) and went well with the flavors of the salad and the atmosphere (a martini glass is a must in an establishment like this one - everything about it is SO classy).

We didn't make it to a window seat this time. So I guess that means I'll have to work my way to the Portland city Grill an another day. (And next time, I'll be there when the doors open to guarantee a seat with a view.)

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Meets


Portland City Grill