Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bread and Ink Cafe

3610 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Happy Hour: 3:30 - 6:30 Monday through Saturday, 3:00 - 6:30 Sunday

It's been forever since my last happy hour posting. Since November, to be exact...which is a lot like forever when you're talking happy hour. I could go on and on with my list of excuses, but since I'm supposed to be talking food and drinks, not weddings and work...I'll keep it short. This year has been EXHAUSTING. With fewer teachers in the building, our class sizes are ENORMOUS. It also forced us to switch schedules, making the day seem to stretch on and on and on and on. And those twelve furlough days mean a lot less time to teach what we are supposed to teach and a lot less money to spend on the necessities (i.e., happy hour). That, and I'm getting married in we've had a lot of homemade happy hours--which are cheaper, by far, and often contain fewer calories. But it's spring break (and although I can't beat my record of ten-in-one-week set last year) I thought it wouldn't be right it I didn't make it to at least two or three happy hours during the week.

Happy hour on Hawthorne is a lot like Disneyland (without the long lines). You could honestly stay for days and not make it to all the places on your list. (Of course, Disneyland isn't open for only a few short hours every weekday's open MUCH longer) We made it to two before heading home. The first stop was the Bread and Ink Cafe.

They have an awfully inviting menu with all sorts of items that aren't necessarily typical of a happy hour menu. And for those things that are more commonly served at happy hours across Portland, they've added original dipping sauces and a more elaborate serving style.

With another stop on our agenda, we ordered one food item and just one drink each. (I could have easily continued making selections...they looked so good.) Arriving in unison to our table was a plate of popcorn chicken--with dragon sauce--and a pair of arancini (fried risotto balls).

The popcorn chicken was extra filling and led my fiance to order very little at our second stop. (This is good if you're interested in eating dinner at happy hour prices but less good if you are hoping to try more items at more places.) I tasted the dragon sauce to see if it was ridiculously spicy (which the name suggested) and was able to make it without downing a pint of water (not even a sip, if I remember correctly).

The arancini were very artfully served with a perfect drizzling of some sort of aioli sauce. There were two (a good number...and both of good size) and both were filled with a cheese that had melted just enough before being served.

To accompany our food selections, we both ordered pink drinks. Mine was a lavender-infused raspberry lemon drop and his was a basil blackberry lemonade mixed with Maker's Mark. Both were quite enjoyable and would have been better if only the sun had been out. I especially enjoyed the size of my lemon drop. That, and the lack of a sugared rim (they get so sticky).

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


Bread and Ink Cafe


  1. That arancini looks amazing! I've been to this restaurant but not for happy hour. The inside is really classy and trendy and the service was great.

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