Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jam on Hawthorne

2239 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Happy Hour: (according to the website) 5 - 8 PM, (according to the door) starts at 4

Jam on Hawthorne is bigger than ever. Seriously, it's practically quadrupled in size. Maybe more, if you measure. Jam used to be packed into a teeny tiny corner space. Now there's space to move. You can slide between tables (with or without a tray full of food) and get to where you are going. You don't have to worry about pushing your chair back too far and landing in someone else's space. And there's probably far less of a wait for breakfast. (But now it's not just about breakfast...they've got happy hour too.) It's still on the same street, still at the same cross street even...just a couple of doors down, is all. They are now in what used to be Imbibe.

Being so well known as a breakfast place, Jam has quite the list of Bloody Marys and Mimosas. I didn't see any option to top your own Mary with pickled veggies of your choosing (I love the idea of a Bloody Mary bar) but you can select from a wide variety of spices and flavors. They've also got the Redneck, which is kind of like a Bloody Mary but mixed with a Pabst instead of vodka. The mimosas include a lot of variety, too. My co-blogger is a big fan of the pineapple mimosa. (She's also a super big fan of Jam!)

I had a hard time making my drink selection and decided, in the end, to go with the bartender's choice. It was the drink of the day, and the cheapest thing on the menu. It was a margarita.

And it went best with a Southwestern Salad. They have a lot of veggie options on their happy hour menu (vegan options, too) but it was the salad that was calling my name. It was covered with black beans, corn, tortilla strips, and a chipotle lime dressing. Cheese, too. I loved every bite.

I also loved every bite of the sweet potato fries that sat on the other side of the table. (I'm lucky to have long arms...and generous friends.) Sweet potato fries are almost always good (in my opinion) but when my fiance said that he liked them, too, I knew that these ones were special. Not too salty, but super crunchy. And the perfect thickness.

At the top of the happy hour food menu sits a food item that I usually only have at the Polish Festival in September. No, not potato pancakes. Pierogies. At the Polish Fest, I have to wait in long lines and am forced to enjoy them from a styrofoam plate. Here, they are browned to perfection and served with grilled onions and peppers. I missed the sour cream, but enjoyed the texture.

I was sad to see that Imbibe had closed earlier this year...but knowing that Jam has increased in size (and with it, added so much to their menu) makes me HAPPY. Next time, if it's not for breakfast, I hope to order a vegan burger. I saw a few delivered during the time that we were there and became exceedingly jealous of their size. They are HUGE.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets (especially if you order a burger, they're HUGE)


Jam on Hawthorne

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  1. It's been awhile since I've been to Jams. I thought it was only open for breakfast/brunch? Crazy!