Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Leaky Roof

1538 SW Jefferson Street
Happy Hour: 3 - 6 PM, Daily

The Leaky Roof is one of those places that offers dinner for cheap, three hours a night. They call it happy hour...but it's not like a lot of other places. Their happy hour food menu is double-sided. That means they offer variety. And the portions are big enough to fill you up. I went on a work night, but that doesn't mean you have to. They offer discounts on food and drink every single night of the week.

The place filled up quickly and as tables of people moved out, more moved in. I'm guessing that lots of people know about the dinner-sized happy hour portions. That, or they really do love the bread pudding as much as our server claimed and were only there to get through dinner and make it to yet another taste of the yumminess. He didn't use the word yumminess (I did after having a bite), but he did mention something about an addiction. (Be warned.)

I started the evening with a vodka gimlet. (I know, I know. Always, right?) It was made with both Rose's and fresh lime juice. A compromise, I say. It was much, much better than those made with nothing but the Rose's but not so good that I'm going to do away with my recipe. (And when I say recipe, I mean a splash of this, a squeeze of that, and a spoonful of powdered sugar. They turn out differently EVERY time.)

For dinner, I ordered a vegetarian burger (served with fries) and a salad. The only salad on the happy hour menu was a Caesar, but the server was glad to switch it out for the garden salad. The portions were perfect, the fries were delicious, the salad was crisp and filled my need for veggies...but the burger was something quite unusual. The menu claimed something about a black bean handmade something or other. It resembled a patty. (It was served on a bun.) And I saw black beans in the mix...but it was most definitely FRIED. Why? I do not know. How many vegetarians are so completely unhealthy that they want their burgers fried? Maybe it was a one-time thing. Maybe it was a mistake. All I know is that it crumbled all over the place, and every little piece that landed on my lap left a huge grease stain on my pants. And it's not that I'm a ridiculously messy eater. It was a ridiculously messy food. Ugh!

Across the table, my friend was happy with her choice of a quesadilla. It didn't make much of a mess, and it apparently had the perfect ratio of saucy flavor, pulled pork, and cheese. The one pictured seems a bit dry...but that was only due to a request for no salsa.

Despite my disappointment for the black bean burger, I will most likely be back someday. The prices are great and the portions are perfect. (I just won't order the same thing.) Plus, the bread pudding is pretty good. Maybe even a bit addicting. It's not like I need it right now...but if I were there, it'd be hard to say no.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


Leaky Roof


  1. I've walked by this place a few times and it looked super cute, but never went inside. I love places that have extensive HH menus. It's always disappointing when the menu is 5 items.

  2. I checked out their drinks menu, and saw that they list Smithwicks on draught. Because web pages aren't always kept up to date, do you happen to remember if that is still true? My favorite Irish pub in Vancouver (BC, not WA) no longer serves Smithwicks and I'm looking for a place that does.

    1. Smithwicks will always be on draft here.. Always :)