Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hobnob Grille

3350 SE Morrison Street
Happy Hour: 4 - 7 PM

The Hobnob Grill has some serious sass. Sass, I say, for two very obvious reasons. So obvious, I'll show you.

Number one: They want you in your undies. It's not "no shirt, no shoes, no service" at this place. They'll let you have your pick of daily discounts if you show up in your skivvies.

Number two: They don't mind dropping an "F-bomb" on their menu. That's bold. So bold, I was thinking about leaving it out. But without the picture, you might not believe me when I say that The Hobnob Grille has some serious sass.

Beyond the sass, though, they've also got pretty good options during happy hour. The food menu is fairly extensive, with a variety of options for both meat eaters and vegetarians. The prices are good, too, with nothing over seven dollars. And they've got FRICKLES, which makes me smile just a little every time I say the word.

Frickles are, of course, fried pickles. These ones are spears, making them awfully attractive upon arrival. They aren't as easy to eat as the fried pickle chips I've had elsewhere, though. They're a little too much to put in your mouth all at once and so as soon as you bite into one, the fried outside starts to fall apart. It's messy...but still tasty. Watch out, though, because they are made fresh and that means they will be HOT when they get to your table. (Like, burn-your-mouth-hot.)

They also have a Flatbread 'Za on the menu. It's tasty and COVERED with vegetables. And a little cheese.

The star of the show, in my opinion, were the sliders. They have SO many options and they're just $5.50 for a pair. (No vegetarian sliders, though...maybe you can fix that, Hobnob.) At our table, we had one pulled pork slider and one fried chicken slider...but they also have ground Angus and a brisket. No matter what you order, it'll be dressed properly. The pulled pork comes with both an apple chutney and some sour slaw.

Deciding on a drink (with all that they've got listed in the fancy cocktail section of the menu) seemed especially I asked for a suggestion from our server. She pointed me to the Pink and I'm glad she did. It's actually quite like something I've attempted at home. It's a berry-infused vodka mixed with simple syrup and lemon. I had all sorts of luck when I attempted to infuse vodka with blueberries and lemon, less so when I tried raspberries. Perhaps this drink will have me trying again. (Which gives me another reason to head to Sauvie Island.) The Nice Pear was less exciting, in my opinion. It was a mix of Pear Vodka, Campari, fresh lemon, and cranberry. Refreshing I'm sure, but without a sugared rim.

I'm not going to say for sure if I'll be back soon. But I do have a feeling that it might be on a Sunday. And maybe it'll be between the hours of eight and ten. And maybe I'll be in my underwear.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


Hobnob Grille

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