Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Old Market Pub & Brewery

6959 SW Multnomah Blvd
Happy Hour: 2 - 6 AND 9 - close, daily

I've been a fan of The Old Market Pub & Brewery for years. I lived just around the corner from this place when I was just out of college and since then it's been one of the top choices for group gatherings. We've done birthdays, graduations, and going away parties there over the years and have always been pleased. They have plenty of space and all sorts of options to keep people happily entertained (including multiple shuffleboard tables). The food is great (I especially love their calzones), they make their own beer (and they know what they're doing), and their happy hour menu includes upgrades making it easy to turn simple snacks into a full-on dinner.

We stopped in on one of those super hot days at the end of last week so I was quick to order the Citron Pink Lemonade off of the cocktail menu. Old Market Pub is known for their beer, but I'm not quite ready to finish a full pint. I did have a sip of the Hot Tamale (super spicy) and I have always liked the way Mr. Slate's Gravelberry smells. I'm not a beer drinker, though, and I' probably won't ever become one. If you are--and you are curious about all they have to offer--I'd suggest getting the beer Taster Tray. It's only $10.95 and you get NINE 4 oz samples.

Our party of six didn't arrive all at once, but our server was able to keep up and took pretty good care of us as everyone arrived. (The Old Market Pub can get pretty busy and it often shows in service...but today was a good day and we didn't have to wait long for anything really.)

Since we weren't all there from the start, it seemed most appropriate to order just a few snacks while we waited. We started with the Falafel Balls. They were a little darker than usual and they might have changed their recipe for Tzatziki but they still gave us something to snack on while we waited for the rest of the crew.

Once everyone was there and we were ready for dinner, I ordered a side salad (just $2 during happy hour) and a Tex Mex Wrap. The wrap was good (and huge for the three-dollar price tag) but next time I'm going to add all the extras. For an extra two bucks, I could have had enchilada sauce, melted cheese, sour cream and more salsa. Next time.

The favorite at the table turned out to be the Shove-A-Burger. (Where that name came from, I don't know.) It's bigger than a slider and smaller than the burger on the regular dinner menu but really seemed to be just about right for everyone ordering it tonight. Plus, you can add all sorts of goodies to it. There's bacon, different kinds of cheese, and sauteed mushrooms to choose from (even a gluten free bun if that's what you need). Plus, you can add fries or chips. It's a really good deal for meat eaters.

The best part about happy hour at The Old Market Pub is that it lasts almost all of the night, every night. Seriously, just don't go between six and nine and your dinner will be CHEAP.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


Old Market Pub & Brewery


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