Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Original Roadhouse Grill

2370 SE Burnside Road
Gresham, Oregon
Happy Hour: weekdays 2 - 7 PM, weekends 2  - 6 PM (served only in the bar)

The Roadhouse Grill will always remind of college. I made my first visit soon after moving into the dorms when I was eighteen. My roommate was an Oregon native (Boring, Oregon -- to be more exact) and spent plenty of time cracking peanut shells and watching the flames of the grill while dining with her parents at The Roadhouse Grill. She took us there for some family function early in our Freshman year and it soon became the place to go. There really isn't much for me on the menu, but I've always been able to piece together a meal. Not the healthiest of meals, but enough food to fill me.

We stopped in for happy hour last week after a day filled with meetings. (School is starting, and that means MEETINGS.) I quickly learned that food available during happy hour is also not too healthy. (I expected it walking in, but still.) The drinks, however, are available in mason jars. (Always a plus.) And you can eat as many peanuts as you want. (And throw the shells on the floor! Another plus.)

I was a little too intrigued by the Bale of Hay advertised on both the table and the sign near the main entrance. They called it a bale but really it was a block of onion rings. They were skinny onion rings and they were GREASY. We were expecting them to be a bit more crisp. Perhaps they usually are. Either way, I couldn't eat too many before pushing them to the far side of the table.

Also greasy were the Texas Egg Rolls. These, however, are the thing that brought me back so many times. They are delicious. (Or, at least, I think they are.) They are made to be similar to jalapeno poppers but instead of a whole jalapeno, it's chopped up into more manageable pieces (I say manageable because this makes the heat more tolerable for weenies like me). And rather than the typical breading, the whole thing is wrapped in a wonton wrapper. Sounds delicious, right? And the dipping sauce makes them that much tastier. It's sweet and spicy. And delicious.

They've got quite a lot to choose from as far as drinks go at The Roadhouse Grill. I opted for a margarita (because it came served in a mason jar) but soon realized that almost any well drink can be made in a mason jar if you ask nicely. And for a dollar more, you can make it a double. (Which I quickly learned does not mean your 16-ounce jar will be a full 32.)

The ambiance is what makes this place all that it is. (And maybe the steak -- if you eat that sort of thing.) The buckets of peanuts are only the beginning. And this isn't the only Roadhouse. It's a chain. They are everywhere.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


Roadhouse Grill