Friday, November 23, 2012

Briyo Ceylon Tea Company

No, it's not Happy Hour. Not by our usual definition anyway. It doesn't even fit in with our idea for a Happy Hour Wishlist. Not yet anyway. Not until we can find it on a menu. It's tea. Pure Ceylon tea. And it's from a local company with a great story. A story we want to share with you.

I grew up drinking Red Rose tea. You know, the tea with the little porcelain figures in the bottom of the box. We had a collection. My favorites were the kitties, of course. I didn't really like that tea. But I liked the sugar and cream that went with it.

It wasn't until I was in high school and out of the country that I found a tea I actually liked. I was on exchange in Germany and I was living with a family that ate exactly as I had read in my foreign language textbooks. They had their "dinner" for lunch and a small snack before bed. I had thought at first that I would starve. Instead I gained ten pounds. You see, they fill the hunger in the late afternoon with coffee, tea, and cake. Every single day. I loved the cake...and the tea.

I'm not exactly a tea connoisseur. Not at all, really. I have four or five favorites in the cupboard at all times, but I drink coffee in the morning and save the tea for the days I want to feel cozy. Tea is good for that. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

A small tea company growing out of Beaverton wants to bring that coziness to you through high quality Ceylon tea. They offer six flavors in single boxes and by the case. You can buy them online and soon in stores across the metropolitan area.

I have tried all but the Earl Grey (something I tend to avoid) and have done so without the need for sugar or cream. The flavors are bold and at the same time clean. They don't need extras. That would only mask the quality. And this tea is of high quality. The leaves are handpicked, packed in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and sealed with the Lion Logo promising Pure Ceylon tea.

Briyo Ceylon is a small company. But they are growing. And I hope to help them continue to grow. First through sharing their story. And then through sharing the flavor and quality with my friends and family.