Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tabor Tavern

5325 East Burnside
Happy Hour: 4 - 6 PM, Monday through Friday
Late Night Happy Hour: 10 PM - close, Monday through Saturday

Thanksgiving weekend means more than just turkey and mashed potatoes, more than family get-togethers, more than leftovers that last two weeks in the fridge. Thanksgiving weekend means that Wednesday is Friday, Thursday and Friday serve as Saturday, and you still have the whole weekend to relax and at the same time take care of all those things we take care of on the weekend. And for us, the extra Friday means an extra opportunity for happy hour.

It had been forever since the last time my co-blogger and I planned to happy hour together. (Happy hour IS a verb, in case you didn't know.) This time we had both of our husbands in tow. (Calling them husbands is still new to both of us, so it's exceptionally fun to write when blogging.) With four of us at the table, we had the chance to taste a lot of different dishes. With the two of us writing, you can hear both versions on how things went. I'm fairly certain we were both equally impressed.

The place was pretty empty when we first arrived but quickly filled up. And the mix of customers included a number of young families. Tabor Tavern is most definitely a neighborhood place...and it only makes sense for it to be family-friendly. The kids' menu lists four favorites and all are at a reasonable price.

The happy prices are equally reasonable with items ranging between two and six dollars. I ordered one item from each price point and was impressed with the portion sizes of all three.

The paprika lime chickpeas were a favorite at the table but lacked the crunch that I've grown used to. I still ate a few handfuls of them. I love that I can get such a tasty little punch of protein for only a couple of bucks.

I opted for the house salad over the Caesar (as usual) and was pleased with the presence of pickled red onions. I'm working so hard to love red onions. I've even been adding them to salads at home. The flavor is always so good but so strong that it sticks with me for hours.

Smoked Gouda starring as the main cheese in the spiral macaroni and cheese added such a  strong smokey quality to the dish. It wasn't so strong, though, that I started searching for bacon (which has happened in the past). I loved the spirals but shouldn't have waited so long to take my first bite. During the time that I was eating my salad and snacking on chickpeas, the mac and cheese dried out just a bit. It was still creamy and delicious in the middle but not ooey and gooey like I always want it to be.

Before all of the food arrived, I ordered a Vodka Gimlet. No, it's not on the drink menu. I didn't even notice the drink menu when I first arrived and missed out on ordering one of their specialties. They have a number of appealing options including a very spicy margarita (that you'll read about in my co-blogger's post, I am sure).

Also on the drink menu was the Ray Ray. The server attempted to convince me to order one. I pushed it on my husband when he arrived instead. The drink itself was tasty (but bourbon-based) and came with a curried ice ball. Literally, a frozen ball of curry. It was quite intriguing and very much a frozen ball of curry. It added a lot of flavor to the drink and even more when you licked it straight on. Curry. Straight curry. Frozen.

To accompany the frozen ball of spice, my husband also ordered the fish and chips. It was quite sizable for the price (only $6). I had a few of the fries (yum!) but can't say anything about the fish itself. It looked a bit greasy upon arrival but didn't seem to cause any concern.

Service was close to perfect at Tabor Tavern. It's obvious that this place employs people who really want to impress the customers and make a name for itself as a neighborhood gem. It's nice to know it's there...I just wish that it was still my neighborhood. At least it's on the way home from work.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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