Friday, January 04, 2013

Blooming Moon Spa

1920 N Killingsworth Avenue
Happy Hour: 4 - 6 Wednesday through Friday

This might not be the most typical happy hour. They still have food, yes. And wine, that is true. But it's the ambiance and the service that makes it so amazing. (Really, it's the service more than anything.) Happy Hour at Blooming Moon Spa includes a plate of fancy cheeses, a few pickled veggies, slices of a rustic baguette, and a FOOT MASSAGE. They only offer happy hour Wednesdays through Fridays between four and six (and you'll need to make an appointment) but it is SO worth it. I went to celebrate my sister's birthday. They have space for two at a time making it the perfect retreat for sisters, close friends, or couples.

Blooming Moon Spa is in one of the cutest little old houses on Killingworth Avenue sandwiched between The Hop & Vine and Di Prima Dolce. I mention both, of course, because the cheese plate came from The Hop & Vine and when I first made the appointment they offered to pick up something sweet at the Italian bakery next door--Di Prima Dolce--knowing that we would be celebrating my sister's birthday. It's a perfect location for a business that goes above and beyond. And it's only a block or two away from my sister's house.

We had both been before for massages (amazing massages) but had yet to try out any of the other services. They offer facials, non-toxic pedicures, waxing, etc. And they even have memberships making a monthly massage more affordable.

Both of us started with our feet in the water. We nibbled on the cheese plate that had been brought over from next door and sipped on the wine while the massage therapist got everything in order. She was super friendly and didn't mind too much that I kept pulling out my camera (perhaps it was the first photo-documented foot soak happy hour).

The foot massage was amazing. I will most definitely return. Again and again and again. I'm even considering the membership so that I can get the benefit of a monthly massage and receive discounts on the extras (which, hopefully, include more foot massage happy hours).

With only one massage therapist for two sisters, we had plenty of time to enjoy a second glass of wine (no worries, we were only walking home after it was all over). We had the choice between red or white wine during our massage but I did read that they also offer a special Tequila Wax special (liquid courage, they called it).

The cheese plate could have used a bit more bread. Of course, that's the opinion of two very like-minded, carb-loving sisters. I suppose next time we'll have to make a special request. The cheese was delicious, though. And the pickled veggies added their own special crunch.

Now I just need to call and make another appointment. I hope you will too.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Meets



  1. I like the way you think!! That sounds like the perfect happy hour.

  2. What a perfect idea! My feet would definitely be in their own happy hour with that spa treatment!

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